How Does My Garden Grow

23rd April 2011

It’s almost a year since we moved into our new house. There is still many things that need to be done around the house like getting a sofa (!), but the garden is coming together slowly.

After living in a flat for 7 years a house with a decent garden was on top priority (along with a double garage for my Golf tinkering husband and a suitable kitchen for baking of course). So, we designated the bottom of the garden for a veggie patch, this area was used by the previous owners for a trampoline so the earth was not in the best condition.

Upon digging it up we also found an old path which we removed, to enrich the soil we dug several trenches one at a time filling them with only raw waste from the kitchen eg tea bags, coffee grinds, vegetable/fruit skins. Then the trench is covered over with the soil from the next trench that is dug, we are now on the third and last one. Soon the runner beans will be going in.

Runner bean sprouting

The strawberry plants are also starting to flower, and the tomato plants are stretching up out of their pots.

Strawberry plant

We saved the seeds from the sunflower Sash gave me last year and the second generation is now growing, plus we have some black sunflowers potted.

Black sunflowers

I have already spotted bumble bees, butterflies and lady birds the garden is now really coming to life. 🙂

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