Fungi To Be With

15th May 2011

How I come across these things I don’t know, but I was very excited when my randomness radar picked up a mushroom foray (almost) in my neck of the woods (ha ha!).

Hampstead Heath

Little Man approving mushroom shots

For full details for the course you can read Sash’s blog she was paying much more attention than I, the Lil Man is not up to watching slide shows unless it involves Postman Pat or Baby Looney Tunes so was causing havoc (mainly exclaiming loudly that he wanted to see the mushrooms :)).

Sadly the selection of mushrooms available was not as abundant as would normally be expected this time of year so it was only ‘chicken of the woods’ that was shared out between the group. The mushroom season has just begun and courses (also at Epping Forest) are running till November so check out the Fungi To Be With website for upcoming dates.

Chicken of the woods - from forest...

…to plate

Based on recipe here.

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