22 May 2011

Do you ever watch “Jamie at Home”?  Last Sunday I watched a whole bunch of them on C4 and I got to tell you that man inspired me to cook something new.  Between his 3 kitchens he made a pizza which (as usual) looked easy to make, easy to veganise and subsequently easy to eat.

I have tried to make a Jamie pizza once before but with little success.  I had recently bought a set of scales and somehow neglected to take the cellophane of when weighing out the ingredients.   Is this a good time to point out that I hadn’t been cooking very long?!! Despite this fairly huge cooking error the dough came together ok and the dough rose and I had enough to freeze for another time.

Feeling very proud of myself I added a topping and put said pizza in the oven and waited excitedly about dinner.  Well the proof is in the pudding as they say and my pizza tasted solely of salt!  I had added 5 times the required salt and it was GROSS.  So it put me off making pizza again for a very long time that is until the other day……

I love Jamie because most of his food is easy to veganise.  He presents quick and easy cooking than focus’s on texture and flavor. Also he grows his own veggies now so he loves including these items in his recipes which is great for us.  I have a couple of his recipe books and ran with a pizza base based on a bread recipe.

The key to a good pizza is a good tomato sauce.  I used Jamie’s basic tomato sauce recipe and added in onion, celery and roasted cherry tomatoes.  The best part was using my home grown dehydrated oregano!

There is four quarters to fill…..  In the top left it is asparagus wrapped in vegan bacon with vegan cream cheese.  The top RHS is caramelised onion, mushroom, green olives & cheezely.  The bottom LHS is courgette, pepper, sun-dried toms and the last quarter has breaded toms (with thyme, garlic, olive oil, pepper) & vegan sausage.

Next time I make this I will definitely have a thinner pizza base.  This one was doughy and I like them think & crispy.

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