Rabbits… Too cute for their own good! by Violet of the RSPCA

Rabbits are now the UK’s third most popular companion animal and arguably the most vegan-friendly. The problem with bunnies is that they’re just too cute, with many people falling for their cute appearance without considering their complex needs. Alarmingly, a new survey has shown that up to three quarters of domestic rabbits are being neglected, with 60% of those surveyed not aware that their pets were intelligent and social creatures that need mental stimulation.

This week is ‘Rabbit Awareness Week’. The RSPCA is trying to dispel the common misconception that rabbits are easy to look after. Sadly, many people keep their rabbits in a hutch, so they never actually see the type of behaviours that happy rabbits exhibit like digging, rolling and ‘binky’ where rabbits run, leap and twist in mid air! As part of the campaign we’ve created a video to demonstrate just how happy bunnies behave! *WARNING: EXTREME CUTENESS!

This year marks the first time the RSPCA has been an official partner of Rabbit Awareness Week run by Burgess Pet Care. To celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week, free health checks are being offered by vets nationwide! Check out this handy locator map for your nearest vet offering this service.

If you have a happy bunny, we’d love to use your pictures in our campaign! Just e-mail campaigns@rspca.org.uk and tell us all about them.

Thanks to 2HappyVegans for having me here to guest blog! A vegan myself it’s quite an honour!

*Violet – RSPCA

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