There's a flower in my garden…

24th May 2011

…what am I going to do? I’m gonna EAT that flower that’s what I’m gonna do!


Mr Rayner on The One Show last week reminded me of the book I bought last year (*sigh*, so many books so little time) The Scented Kitchen, whilst it’s not a vegetarian recipe book it extols the virtues of a frequently over looked ingredient – flowers.

Common flower uses are Roses or blossoms made into syrups also called water, in teas like Jasmine or Crysthanamum or Lavendar in cakes. How about Dandelion and Burdock, or Elderflower cordial?

Sash’s stuffed courgette flower tempura

Apparently at the moment there is a bit of a revival (flowers were used often in Victorian cooking) and Asda no less have created a salad with flowers in. I have to say I am totally converted they really transform an ordinary salad into something so pretty.

I only used two flowers in my salad tonight both of which were mentioned in the programme, viola and chive (I don’t know why it surprised me the chive flower actually tasted like chive?!). When I’m a free lady after my exam on Thursday I will be digging my book out for more inspiration, I might even get round to some Lavendar cupcakes!


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