NVW 2011

27th May 2011

How’s your National Veggie Week been? As you well know every DAY is a veggie day for little old me but give me an excuse to indulge in even more vegan culinary delights and I am soooo there!

So why is someone already vegan getting all excited about such a week? Well where there is vegetarian food, there is also an increased likehood of vegan food. Yay! Restaurants all over the UK (yes even meaty ones) have been getting involved and designing special veggie menus to show just how yummy meatless food can be.

How many places can I see in one week I wondered? The first booking came courtesy of @Dadatamonkey (I recommend you follow for more vegan food tip offs) a Restaurant Ramble involving two vegetarian and one vegan eating establishments. I then checked out the NVW website to see who else was taking part. I twisted Sasha’s arm (it wasn’t hard ;)) into also visiting Amico Bio and then planned to go with Mr Ikeda to a Radisson. Alas the Radission never responded to either of my emails about whether they could veganise their vegetarian menu. Booo!

Tuesday the THV NVW officially began with a four course lunch menu also suitable for vegans. If there is one thing you can’t fault about Amico Bio it’s their focaccia. Golden and so light and fluffy it melts in your melt.

Our second course of carpaccio of courgettes and rocket salad was also really good. Thin slices of courgette dressed in olive oil and vinegar perfectly seasoned.

Carpaccio di zucchine e rucola

Next we were served oven baked red pepper garnished with slivers of cucumber.

Tortino di peperoni olive nere e capperi

The dish was meant to come with olives and capers which we realised part way through were missing. This was a shame as it would probably have made the dish more interesting, as it was it definitely need a little something extra, hence Sash requesting some more bread to go with it (good call!).

Then dessert:

Fagottino di pere uva passa e cannella

Looks like a pitta filled with fruit doesn’t it? I wish I had taken a photo of Sash’s face as she tried to work out what she was meant to do with this pitta and it’s cold stewed contents. Several minutes in we were faced with the akwared position of not wanting to eat anymore yet not wishing to offend anyone.  Our plates were left virtually untouched save for a couple of goodwill bites and this was noticed by the waitress, but really they needed to know: this is not a good vegan dessert.

Now this is a good vegan dessert, enjoyed on yesterdays Ethical Eats Restaurant Ramble:

Saf rhubarb cheesec ake
Saf rhubarb cheesecake

For what else we ate you can read Sash’s blog here, we had a really good evening dining at 3 places I had been wanting to return to. There are still two days of NVW left so check out their website to see if there is anything going on in your area.

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