Veggie Ramble

27 May 2011

We have been lucky enough to go out for dinner across London (and further a field sometimes).  There are places that we have loved, some that we have enjoyed and others that we have put down to bad choices and tried again (and then again).

It has to be said that the more good vegan food you eat, whether cooked at home or in a restaurant, the higher that food bar becomes.

In time I have found that I have favorite courses at different restaurants. But if only you could do one course at each restaurant and then move on…..  But then which 3 would I choose?

So you can only imagine my delight when the lovely Mitsy gets in touch to see if I want to go on a veggie ramble in London organised by sustain.  This evening will include one course in 3 different veggie restaurants across London in honor of Vegetarian week.

Well before I could squeak a response I had to ask someone to pinch me to check I wasn’t having a marvelous dream.  When the pain from said pinch subsided I squeaked “yes please lovely”.  At £45 per person it seemed expensive but still 3 courses in different restaurants.  First stop or for starter we met at Tibits, Heddon St where Emily was organising the dining table.

Tibits is a Swiss owned family run business and the London restaurant is the first outside of Switzerland.  It is a veggie place (with vegan options) which offers buffet style dining with over 35 different dishes per day.  The menu changes every 3 months to keep is seasonal.

Here is my mixed starter……

A short walk down Beak St took us to….

Mildred’s was opened in 1988 on Greek St, Soho.  The owners wanted to run a veggie cafe that dispelled the myth of veggie, hessian sack wearing hippies. Fortunately Mildred’s was a popular destination from the off, there has always been and still is a queue for tables.  They moved to Lexington St 10 years ago and opened Mrs Marengo’s to help cope with the take out trade.

We dined in the private dining room.

And as usual Mits & I shared food.  We had sausage & mash and the gluten free version of the yam stew with quinoa.  I preferred the stew it was spicy and I liked the yam.

I must admit I was getting quite full by this point and could have easily rolled by way back to Greenwich had there been a suitable hill nearby to roll down. But that’s not the spirit is it, with a dessert at SAF only (as it turns out a long) taxi journey away I made the effort to prepare myself for the last course. Excercise was required.  So I chatted happily to Charlotte, the lovely sustain lady, most of the way over and then was ready for dessert….  Raw cashew cheese cake with an almond/coconut base and decorated with rubbarb drops things.

As pretty as ever……

It was a good night with nice company.  4 meat eaters were introduced to Londons veggie/vegan restaurants in our group and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

My favorite part of the meal was tibits, simply for the huge variety of that you can get in a single sitting (I sound like such a pig).  However, having said that, I still enjoyed the other two as well!  We think that sustain should go VEGAN next time.  That would be a real treat for the diners.

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