Pretty Strawsome

28th May 2011

Cute right?! They are Strawsome in fact!

I am not quite sure where I read about resuable straws first; it was either over at Vegan Crunk or Bittersweet, but I resigned myself to the fact that I would never find them in the UK as both companies Glass Dharma and Strawsome are American based. I thought no more of them, because let’s face it I can live without a straw!

A year later I was reminded of them again, as with most children the Little Man has now got a thing for them, every drink must have a ‘straw please Mummy’. I thought about buying a bpa free mOmma cup and straw, but really that would be taking a step back in terms of his development. Obviously I am not happy to use disposable and I try to keep plastic recepticles out of my sons food chain, metal versions were just not appealing. However, a lot can happen in the land of internet and within 12 months there is now a UK supplier of the oh so pretty Strawsome resuable glass straws. ‘Toot, toot!’ as Sash would say. 🙂

I was a little nervous about glass straws, they are more fragile than the other options but these are made from the strongest commerically available glass (like Pyrex). As he’s only 2.5 years old we have to make sure he’s not left unattended with it, but so far so good and he’s even requesting which colour straw he wants to use. 🙂

I went for two of the 6” straws which are recommended for kids, they are the shortest ones available and have a bend making them easier to use. Plus they are good for drinking thicker drinks like green smoothies:

Another certain smoothie drinking someone has a birthday coming up shortly so I couldn’t not get her one too:

They are really easy to clean IF you rinse them straight out after use, but there is a special cleaning brush also available.

Where can you get yours? The lovely Dawn of Raw Alchemy is selling these straws through her Facebook Page here.

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