Chelsea flower show 2011

30 May 2011

As you may (or may not) know that I like to do a little bit of gardening every now and then.  In terms of my expertise I am simply not one, novice is apparent.  Its a hobby (yes, it really is!) that I can only get better at in time.  Literally years of time.  I have only had access to a garden for 2 years, it is in its infancy. Our neighbors have a BEAUTIFUL garden – a lovely mixture of wild, tall flowers, veggies and grass plants. I want that one!

Where can I learn about pretty flowers and get inspiration for my garden? CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW……

I purchased Friday evening tickets and spent the week before watching Alan Titchmarsh & co talk through the show. EXCITING. I noted how empty it always looked behind him in the show.  The night before we went on the veggie ramble and once couple we met gently let me know how busy it would be. ARGHHHHHHH.

Our tickets were 5.30 – 8pm.  It was busy at 5.30pm but by 6pm the crowds had pitted away the sun had come out and it turned into a really nice evening out.

There is soooooo much to see with the show, urban & artisan gardens plus all the garden stalls and the central marquee where you can buy seeds.  I learned some new plant names too!

There were veggies, herbs and fruits at the show too, cleverly incorporated into different gardens.  Did you see the veggies in the first photo?  Spot the kale and cabbages.

In the central tent there were some truly beautiful stalls…..

And I thought my strawberries were doing well!

Some Venus fly traps.

More beautiful flower displays

We almost missed the artisan garden displays.  This would have been awful because these small creations are an inspiration to every novice gardener.

I didn’t get too carried away purchasing seeds and bulbs, this would have been easy to do but kinda pointless.  I wanted to go home absorb what I saw and then try to apply some of it to my garden.  I really want to get a nice combination of herbs, veggies, plants & flowers growing in my urban garden. I want them to work harmoniously together and also look lovely!  It will probably take me years to get there but thats ok!

We bought several different chard seeds, some purple kale, some red tall flowers and some black poppies which wont get planted until the autumn and then will grown next year.  I also want to find out some more about lovely alliums and delphiniums.  That is the joy of gardening – you take your time, learn new things and then change it up.  JOY.

Hey RHS I will be coming back next year and bringing Mits along too!

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