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31st May 2011

There’s something to be said for the convenience of beans in a tin, especially after I discovered it took 7 hours to make home made baked beans. Yet, how satisfying is it to sit down to chow down on beans that have been lovingly soaked, boiled, immersed in tomatoes and spices, then left to snooze for the best part of a day in a nice cosy warm oven? Very!

Can a humble working mum take on the giant of 57 varieties (they actually have more than 5,700 products worldwide)? Well I’d certainly give it a go! Armed with about 3 different Boston baked bean recipes and I picked the bits I liked from each, although the basic ingredients are pretty much the same – tomato, a variety of spices, haricot beans and a sweetner. I recently introduced my boy to baked beans and whilst Heinz do a reduced sugar and salt verision I prefer to make things from scratch myself if I can.

Tonight's dinner

Thankfully another Heinz speciality is relatively super quick to make in comparison:

I adapted the recipe here replacing sugar with brown rice syrup then whizzed it all up in a blender, but not too smooth I like things a bit rustic (my beans also still have chunks of tomato in them) then put it in a pan and simmered till it reduced down. I left it for probably an hour and a half and the house smelt very condimenty afterwards!

The recipes still need a little tweaking: little less vinegar in the ketchup, going down the hickory route with the beans, but I’m not putting to much pressure on myself, after all Heinz having been making ketchup since 1876. 🙂

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