4th June 2011

Today we took the Little Man to the cinema for the first time. Don’t worry we didn’t subject him to Hangover 2, this was a special screening in the morning for parents to take children to, so there’s no ‘tsking’ and ‘shushing’ when the little ones do what little ones do.

We lasted an hour and 15 minutes. That was pretty good going I thought, Mr Ikeda said there wasn’t enough action to keep him (both Mr Ikeda and our son!) entertained, realistically the film was too long, but he certainaly enjoyed the experience and there were no tears and tantrums so pretty good for a first time.

Of course no viewing experience is complete without some popcorn. Home popped corn is a regular snack in our house and the wonderful thing about popcorn is that even naked it’s good.

Fresh out the pan
Organic popping corn

If you make it in a pan with a glass lid it also has extra entertainment value as you can watch as well as hear it pop.

After it was all popped I sprinkled lots of cinnamon over it, my alternative to the sugar or salt laden varieties at the cinema. Oh and I should probably mention it’s a lot cheaper too!

Organic cinnamon

I acutally had to make two batches as we managed to eat quite a lot of the first one before I could transfer it to tupperware to take with us.

Oh and if anyone has happenend to see Rango to the end, was it The Mayor???

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