THV cake fest 6

07 June 2011

All good things come to those that wait…..

So here we are at then end of another quarter.  Let’s skip my usual OMG where has the year gone chat and get on with the important stuff….

At one of our cake fest’s (or swaps if you prefer) you can expect an array of interesting and tasty vegan cakes cooked by us and other attendees.  But baking is not compulsory so there is no pressure we know that not everyone who enjoys eating cake also likes baking it!

The 2 hours designated cake eating time also includes chatting, laughing and having fun with other cake connoisseur (if you want to!).

This event is not exclusive to vegans.  Anyone interested in becoming vegan or anyone wanting to find out more about it is more than welcome!

Next the details……

THV cake fest 6 is being held at Ms Cupcakes bakery on Wednesday 29th June from 6pm – 8pm.  The address is 408 Coldhabour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF.

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