Chickenpops and Lollipops

19th June 2011

As the weekends are the only time I get to go out with my boy, I obsess about weekend weather reports hoping for sunshine so we can go out on mini adventures. Hearing this weekend we would have a rainy Saturday and good Sunday I planned indoor activities for yesterday. Baking is always a good one, you can get nice and messy, eat the mess as you go along and then eat the product of your labour too.

Those fingers get in everything!

Organic, sugar free chocolate and sultanan muffins

It became apparent however during the course of yesterday that my Lil Man has chickenpox (or chickenpops as he calls it), instead of going out and potentially spreading the chickenpox love we are confined to the house again today. Thankfully he seems completely unaffected apart from the spots, so he is his usual funny, happy, energetic, affectionate self. It doesn’t take much to bring a smile to the Lil Man’s face but mentioning lollipops works a treat.

Homemade ice lollies are fun, simple to make and of course easy peasy to make sugar free. We have only just started making them, fruit juice lollies are an obvious one to start off with but today I kept the chocolate theme going. I blended some banana with soya milk and added a spoonful of cocoa powder (which is also pretty tasty unfrozen).

Chocolate and banana milkshake

Ordinarily you would then need to put them in the freezer overnight and they would be ready the next day but as I am the kitchen gadget queen I have a Zoku.

The Zoku lives in my freezer all the time, which means we can take it out and make lollies in about 8 minutes. Pretty much instant Lil Man satisfaction guaranteed. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Chickenpops and Lollipops”

  • bless him he does not look too spotty , brings back memories of my children and chickenpox , my youngest grandson got them on his first birthday that was fun lol .

    • A lot more spots came up later, but he is in the recovery phase now. We got off very lightly I think, thank goodness it’s out the way now. 🙂

  • Where did he catch it? I am looking to expose my daughter, but dont know who even catches the pox these days w/ all the vaccinations they do.

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