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25th June 2011

At work this week I was given the chance to volunteer with one of our charitable partners and also get a day’s paid leave to do it. As I’m a hands on type of gal, the opportunity to help with some gardening caught my eye and after roping in some very willing colleagues we took ourselves down to Bow.

The Bromley by Bow Centre is in such contrast to the area it’s in, coming out of the station you walk down along side the dirty and busy Blackwell Tunnel Approach but once inside the centre’s walls it’s like a different world: so serene and tranquil.

Obviously a place this beautiful requires a lot of maintenance, although the BBBC have a team of gardeners the amount of work they have must be immense, as well as mainting the borders they also grow vegetables and have areas with flower beds. Oh and a big compost area – our task for the day.

The jobs taken up by the other volunteers were building new composters, sanding and repainting railings and some gardening. Thankfully the weather was good to us as I would not have enjoyed digging up compost in rain!

My wonder team of 3 proceeded to dig up two massive composters, transferring the fresh compost in wheels barrows to the shrubbery borders at the other side of the centre.

The composters live under a cherry tree

It was a full on day of proper manual labour and with the three of us we completed it in good time, without our help one man would be doing it by himself. It was a tiring but satisfying day, particularly as everyone was so impressed with how much we got done. Never judge a book by its cover my friends, my girls can whip anything into shape. 😉

The centre does many things for the community which is one of the most deprived wards in the UK, you can read about all the amazing things they do to support the locals here .

If you are interested in helping out in any capacity contact directly, they even have some places left for the Royal Park Half Marathon if you would like to run on their behalf.

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