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20 July 2011

I am sorry I have been away for so long.  There is no good reason I just needed a blog break!  But not to worry I have still been eating and I thought it was about time I shared my food (again!).

It has to be said that it has taken a long time for my dad to accept my vegan ways.  It was exactly the same when I decided to stop eating meat at the age of 16.  He never understood my concerns for animal welfare, to him I was an inconvenience.  Fortunately I am stubborn and stuck to my guns and a few years after giving up meat I gave up fish (and became a veggie) and then at last I saw the light at the end of the tunnel became vegan.

So for a man who could not comprehend me not eating meat he had a long way to go to understand that I no longer wanted any animal products in me or around me.  I have been given leather presents (:-() and asked if goats cheese counted!  So I often had to phone ahead to any restaurants booked for birthday’s to see if I would be catered for, assuming that if there wasn’t then I would either not go or starve!

I am not sure when but at some point in the last year or so something changed.  Rather than being an inconvenience my eating habits have become an opportunity to learn new ways to cook.  Hurrah!  I have been cooked some lovely dishes in the passed 12 months.

Here is the latest!  A bright beautiful salad!  Lovely, pretty, bright (and healthy).  Thank you!

So what caused this change of heart?  Well I do always bake a cake – I am a very polite guest.  He tends to be my guinea pig!

Chocolate/raspberry cake with white chocolate topping

What else have I been eating?  Well….

Vegan cooked breakfast
Soup & pitta
Lovely corn on the cob
Aubergine pasta with cheeze on top

I have cooked quite a lot of meals for my dad, maybe that’s when he realised that vegan dining is really not that hard.  And can be even better with a sprinkle of imagination. 🙂

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