Sunday Sugar Free Sundae

7th August 2011

Hmmm anyone know what happened to Summer? In spite of it’s absence I have been increasing my ice cream repertoire and now with a mini ice cream parlor in my freezer made my Lil Man his first sundae.

The components

So to my components, the first being a scoop of an amazingly simple ice cream made from one ingredient – bananas.

Frozen sliced banana about to get whizzed up
Tadaa! Creamy banana ice cream

Next is a scoop of Epicentre inspired frozen cookie dough. This one involved a little more work as I could not find any sugar free chocolate drops so had to make my own by melting down a sugar free chocolate bar.

Plamil No Added Sugar Chocolate
Tadaaa! Sugar free chocolate drops
Cookie dough ready for freezer

The last flavour is mint based on this recipe here which uses coconut milk, fresh mint and avocado. I didn’t use an ice cream maker but used the more manual method of pouring the mixture into tupperware, putting in the freezer and stirring every 40 mins or so till completely frozen.

Avocado mint

Who needs hot weather or sugar to enjoy an ice cream sundae? Not us!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sugar Free Sundae”

  • Wow, they are all look amazing! I keep meaning to try banana ice cream but I’m scared of breaking my (quite cheap and rubbish) blender! Think i’ll give it a go this week!

  • Jen ~ I have a cheap hand blender and it works fine for the banana ice cream ~ try it; it’s so easy & yummy (you can add nut butter, chocolate or raspberries etc too to vary the taste) πŸ™‚

    I’m trying the mint today πŸ˜€ x

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