Vegan delights

30 August 2011

When I first became a vegan I stayed clear of any faux meats & cheezes.  I had tried a few cheezes but they really didn’t rock my world at all, even slightly so it was easy to stay away.  I had always been that way when I was a veggie too (apart from mince) so that was no big deal to keep with the veggies.  

However as time has gone on my mind has opened and I have tried out a few more faux meat & cheese tasters.  (Vegan festivals are a great place to try out the vegan products such as frys or redwood.  “Try before you buy” and all that!)  In time the flavors and textures have grown on me….

Faux bacon & cheeze

So much so that I even go out and buy them, really I do!

Recently Fry’s faux chicken burgers were highly recommended to me and I thought that I would give them a try.  But I wanted to sex them up as much as possible.

That’s right I ended up with a Vegan chicken burger with bacon, cheeze & mayo on brown with a sprinkle of lettuce and I gotta tell you that it was absolutely DELISH! (No modesty here!)

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2 thoughts on “Vegan delights”

  • I found the same thing when I first tried vegan cheeze – not at all bothered. But same as you, I tried some when I was at the London vegan fest and now I have discovered sheese! It’s not a massive part of my diet but nice to have occasionally, like on pizza, and I’m planning to make lasagne with it at the weekend.

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