Chef Chris Cooper is a French vegan chef and Nutrition Therapist. When he met Natalie and Sophie Chan, Managers at Oliver’s Village Café, he told them of his plans to incorporate his vegan and gluten-free food products in the market. We came up with the idea of starting a vegan, gluten-free ‘pop-up’ restaurant. And so Tolérance began….

The name Tolérance speaks for itself, it’s about what your body can tolerate and the consequences food has on the body on an individual basis. It is about discovering a new cuisine, and learning about allergies and intolerance within our society. The emphasis is on healthy food and allergy sufferers. There is a great misconception about vegan food. Many presume it is bland and boring or to the extreme, non-nourishing food resulting in health deterioration. The vegan food concept behind Tolérance restaurant is to provide food for allergy sufferers (gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs) by incorporating the best of plant diet and open up people’s mind and raise awareness.  At Tolérance, we aim to serve delicious plant based food to satisfy the majority of allergy sufferers and the general public who wish to try a healthier alternative to dining. You may also want to indulge yourself with a guilt-free raw chocolate mousse!

Book your table now for this unique dinning experience! Starting Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th September, from 6.30pm. For further info on the event, please visit or email to book.

Location: Oliver’s Village Café, 92 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BE For further info on the event, please visit

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