3 is the magic number

05 October 2011

The power of 3.

Research has shown that our memory works better when presented with information in chunks of 3.  There are healing powers and ancient meanings attached to the number 3.  So the big question here is whether 3 really is the magic number?

I thought long and hard for the best way to test this out and came up with…….. a 3 tiered cake!

Yes that’s right 3 layers of sponge and icing.  I have fancied making one for awhile but needed another reason apart from greed or hunger. So here is a big thanks to vegan mofo for providing one!

I am a big fan of cup based recipes – it is very easy to measure ingredients out coupled with nice and quick.  Hint – you also need 3 same size baking trays for a 3 tired cake!

I would suggest using a 2 times a recipe for an 8″ tray and splitting it between 3 trays.

You aren’t seeing things I made 2 x 3 tired cakes.  A friend requested a chocolate cake and I always like baking a cake for my dad.

The cakes tasted good (as usual) 🙂 but overall I wasn’t satisfied with the look of them.  I do like to experiment with cake decoration and usually start with something simple and then develop from there.  Next time I want to use a chocolate ganache topping on the chocolate cake maybe with white chocolate crazy zig zags on top and then make the vicky sponge will be tidier next time.

I say next time because 3 is the magic number…….

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