Burrito London pt 2

7th November 2011

It has been a good couple of months since the first part of my burrito blog and I have had many MANY burritos since. Some definitely good, some definitely not so good. Part two is dedicated to the places that somehow manage to create a delicious burrito but with the simplest of ingredients, no tofu, no chocolate sauce – the best basic burritos.


First up is for me, precisely where it all began. In my blog about Whitecross Street Market I declare Luardos ‘the best burrito’s’ I had ever had. At this stage I have to say I was no where as experienced as I am now in all things burrito. Quite happily though, I can confirm my little outburst of love for Luardos has after all the places I have tried, remained true. How they manage to make lettuce, plain rice, gauc, black beans (when I have a choice I actually go for pinto) and a drizzle of hot sauce so darn good? It must be magic.

Where? Whitecross Market

Proper veggie option? No, but this is simple burrito at it’s best and very generously sized.

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: The Vegan

Price: £4.5


Next up one of my newly discovered spots. Chancery Lane is my Chilango branch of choice, yet again the filling is so simple but gathered up in it’s little (actually it’s rather large) tortilla blanket it becomes heaven in your hand.

Where? Angel, City Thameslink, Bluewater, Chancery Lane

Proper veggie option? No, just the usual peppers and onions but with a nice smoky flavour.

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Rice, pinto beans, peppers and onions, gauc and hot salsa. The burritos are stuffed full (especially with the gauc which some places can be a bit stingy with) and on the same size scale as a Poncho 8. Funky interior with plenty of help yourself tabasco, limes and a water station, plus a really good atmosphere with plenty of seating. If you see Frank say ‘hi’ from me! 🙂

Price: £5.90


Chilango on Urbanspoon

*UPDATE* New delicious burrito venue 🙂

Benito’s Hat

A little out of my neighbourhood, but I have managed to make it to the Covent Garden branch twice now and have never been disappointed. My most recent visit had my eyes popping out of my head as my tortilla was generously filled with lovely chunkily cut vegetables and guac. I managed half then and saved the rest for when I got home after some birthday drinks. It was a genious plan!

Where? Goodge Street, Covent Garden, Oxford Circus

Proper veggie option? No, just veggies but loving the chunky cut.

Guacamole surcharge? No (and that’s for everyone not just the veggies)

What I had: Rice, refried beans (and the only place I have seen so far to have this option), grilled vegetables (courgette, peppers and chayote – google it, it’s a pretty weird looking thing, I will have to actively look for it next time since I may have mistaken it for courgette), gauc and pico da gallo. I have tried both the hot and medium sauces, hot was way too hot even for me and I like spicy, the medium was lost on me. They also serve cocktails, have plenty of seating and it always seems to have a really good vibe in there. Oh and nachos also come with every order, I did see someone getting a big dish of these topped with all the burrito fillings, if only they had vegan cheese too.

Price: £5.50

Benito's Hat on Urbanspoon


Benito’s Hat now do a spiced tofu option, however I have heard conflicting information about whether it is vegan or not. At the time of this update they were yet to respond.

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4 thoughts on “Burrito London pt 2”

  • Hi,

    If you ever find yourself in Hitchin,Hertfordshire on a Saturday please come and find us for lunch – we have a vegetarian burrito that is espléndido- Veg chilli with red rice and pinto beans, chunky guac, salsa and fresh chilli barbecue sauce!

    matt bean

    • Wasn’t keen on Tortilla, need to do a second run at Benito’s Hat before I’m 100% sure but think they could be in my top 3. 🙂

  • Benito´s Hat was my fave. I managed to eat it 3 times in 5 days last time I was back in London. Forget Chipotle, though. Bland and not worth the cost.

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