Arbonne product review

10 November 2010

When you first become a vegan you need to source your basic bathroom essentials fairly quickly.  When you head to your usual supermarket and realize that none of the products are suitable anymore in can be quite worrying, where can you go to buy what you need?

In a relatively short time you find products online or in health shops, and more recently superdrug’s own products (hurrah!) and realize that there is a good supply of vegan bathroom essentials if you know where to look.

However what about luxury spa treatments?  Arbonne is  exactly that, they offer luxury home spa treatments.  I was lucky enough to receive some samples to test.  My word what a selection and what a treat!

There is a many stepped facial cleasing programme – I am typically a soap and moisturizing girl so it did take me a couple of days to get use to the procedure and the feeling of layering creams on my face.  In a short time my skin did feel great though, softer, tighter and cleaner (after a little skin detox of spots that is!).

Everything was numbered for me so I knew which cream to use when!  There is a day and thicker night time cream, neck and eye serums.  My face hasn’t been treated this well since, well EVER!

And then for hair, a shampoo, hair mask and conditioner.

I must say that I LOVE the hair treatments.  I have never really found a vegan shampoo that’s totally satisfying.  Some I find really expensive for what they are too.  These treatments left my hair feeling soft, luscious and (just like the girl in the TV ad) I wanted to swing my head from side to side to make my hair whoosh!

And there is still more….

Foot cream, body cream & tinted moisturizer.  All are good products.  This range is lovely and of course expensive.  If you don’t want to buy them all maybe buy yourself one for a treat.  I will be spending my money on the shampoo!

For samples or 20% discount contact (Arbonne consultant).  Everything is dispatched from the UK.

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