Tolerance Restaurant, Belsize Park

11th November 2011

Everyone once in a while I put off a blog, I put it off and put it off till I feel I can put it off no more. It happens mostly when I get excited about somewhere new and vegan (or even somewhere old and vegan) and it doesn’t live up to my expectations. I hate having to write about not enojying a meal, but I would hate myself even more if I could not be honest.

To start with Tolerance Restaurant was a ‘pop up’, taking over Oliver’s Village Cafe in Belsize Park a very cute little cafe in September. Then the girls organising it were lovely which inevitably makes it harder to blog about.

I had decided beforehand to go the raw though the menu but changed my mind once we were seated, I think had I stuck to my guns maybe I would have enjoyed it a more? The starter was promising, slivers of sweet potato with a delicious basil dressing.

Sweet potato, red pepper, baby spinach topped with sundried tomato and olive tapenade

Sadly I did not like the main. The potatoes were under done, whether this was because they were steamed and meant to be like that I don’t know but I like my potatoes cooked (!), the sauce was bland and well, not one to toot my own horn but I think my baked tofu is better. The dressing on the side salad was the best part.

Roasted tofu, chasseur sauce, pomme vapeur and green beans

Dessert was the chocolate and hazelnut cake, it was very dense, solid and it was only after a few bites that I realised this was probably because it was gluten free. There didn’t appear to be any hazelnuts or flavour of hazelnuts in the slice we were served.

'Succulent hazelnut and chocolate layered cake'

However perhaps I did just make a bad menu choice, as it does please me to report that ‘due to popular demand’ they have returned for 2 more nights this week, too late to book in for tonight, but there might be availability for tomorrow still.

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  • Lol, yes, pommes vapeur to my understanding means steamed I believe. I think that is the point they are trying to make thou, healthy packed with nutrition not overcooked food. One should never be afraid to ask staff to rectify cakes that promise hazelnuts but appear to have none 😉

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