Wild Food Cafe & Scoop, Covent Garden

20th November 2011

I seem to be on a bit of a losing streak when it comes to vegan eateries these days. However, having the resolve to bail, good company to balance it out, oh and a scoop of chocolate sorbet you can end up with the silver lining.

So, the Wild Food Cafe newly opened last month serves ‘raw-centric gourmet Wild Food world cuisine’. On hearing they were having a Wild Winter Wellbeing event I thought it sounded like as good a reason as any to see what they were saying. As well as food tasters and canapes we were also promised meditation and an indian flute concert – well you don’t know if you don’t try right!? Oh and we managed to drag along @mrflibbletweets for the ride too (he thought we were joking about the flute concert :)).

Well it wasn’t quite as I imagined. On arrival we really were not sure what to do with ourselves, thank goodness for Sash who sorted us out seats, and food. There was not any sign of canapes but people were eating, this turned out to be either soup or noodles (which they ran out of).

Raw soup £5

The soup was raw, served at body temperature and filled with delicately sliced fresh vegetables. The broth itself seemed to be a concoction Sash was convinced contained orange juice. The veggies were crunchy and the flavours interesting but a whole bowl I could not manage. Controversially this was served with a very not raw slice of sour dough.

After much whispered debate, and a mutiny started by someone suggesting we have some sorbet at the Scoop next door, we politley left before the flutes started. It all felt a bit disorganised but I appreciate they have only just opened, after they’ve had some time to settle in Sash and I will go back to try out the menu (which I was surprised to see included cheese in their vegetarian section, so it is not exclusively vegan).

Wild Food Cafe on Urbanspoon

Orange and raspberry sorbet

Chocolate sorbet

Feeling guilty for taking your guest along to a not quite top dining experience? Fill em up with chocolate sorbet I say!

3 scoops £4

The rest of the evening was much more pleasant we went for a scoop of each of the vegan sorbet flavours – raspberry, chocolate and orange. Now that is more like my kind of mediation – tasty treats with lovely vegans.

Scoop Fine Italian Gelato on Urbanspoon

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