Happy xmas vegans

15 December 2011

Good news vegans…..  The festive season is here and that means more great food to bake, make and eat!  Yes that’s right there is no such thing as a poor vegan missing out its a myth not a fact!

Do you want to go out for an xmas menu before the big day?  Well last week Mits and I visited demuths, Bath for their lunch and the xmas fayre.  What a lovely day out!  It took 1 hr 40min to travel from London Paddinton and cost £41.50.  The journey flew what with two girls chatting away!

The fayre was cute, not small, interesting and crafty.  I picked up one or two extra presents.  Lunch was GOOD!  Demuths has gotten me over my dislike of polenta via delicious polenta chips and plum sauce.  OMG they were good.  Lunch was a chestnut roast with roasted pumpkin, (nice) brussel sprouts with a mixed herb pesto and gravy.

(No photo’s as my camera broke :-()

Next on my going out for xmas lunch list is Manna.  Thanksgiving was LOVELY and Mits went here last week and enjoyed it.  Also I have been invited chez Mitsu for a THV xmas lunch. Wahooooooooooo.  The menu has not yet been fixed as she keeps changing her mind which I don’t mind at all :-).

Last week I made a lentil and buckwheat loaf – it is a free wholefoods recipe and I took out the poultry rub (YUCK!) which was very nice.  I actually made mini loaves so I could freeze the left overs because no one gets through a whole loaf!

What are you cooking for xmas day?  There is still time to plan and organise a superb lunch so check out theses xmas menu’s;

Vegan Family Christmas menu

Cooking for vegans – xmas recipes, vegan puds (shop bought)

Animal Aid xmas recipes

Viva Xmas recipes

Vegan yorkshire puddings – I am going to try this one tonight!

The vegan society xmas menu

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