Camden Revisited

27th January 2011

I go to Camden every once in a while, but it has been a long time Sash and I have visited Camden with a ‘fresh’ eye to see what new things we could discover.Camden was actually the very first place that as newbie vegans we explored. My usual Camden hotspots are Inspiral Lounge, Wholefoods and Manna (Primrose Hill) so I had such a good day looking round the market which I have not done in years. Even the best explorers however, cannot explore on an empty stomach, so first things first: hello Manna brunch:

Right, now we are ready for an edible exploration of Camden.

First on The List (I have a lot of these) was The Ha Ha Veggie Bar, no verdict on this as yet as obviously we had just refuelled, they had lots of variations of their homemade burger. All of these were vegan apart from the cheeses plus they also have vegan hot dogs and falafel, however we did see an egg being cracked on the griddle as we were leaving..?

The lovely Chick

I have been following Cookies and Scream on Twitter for a while now and was always intrigued by the uber cute sounding names of all the things on offer – how could anyone resist a Chewy Wookee or a Choco Loco?? We discovered that Chick lets her children choose the names of the treats (uber uber cute!) and after a little chat Sash and I selected a Chewy Wookee and two other nut free options so the Lil Man could have a taste too.

Brownie and banana bread *note to self take photo before dividing!*

I was really impressed with how moist the Choco Banano Bread was and could not tell at all that it was gluten free, there was no tell tale heaviness, the Gosh Brownie was quite crumbly and whilst  I am of the denser and fudgier brownie camp, the Lil Man seemed to enjoy both in equal measures. The Chewy Wookee had chewy base and was filled with hazelnuts and raisins, then decadently covered in what must have been a whole bar of chocolale! Buying just 3 items I think we were quite restrained as there was so much to choose from.

Chewy Wookee
The lovely Julia plus complimentary Sash and Lil Man

Going off List we spotted this hot chocolate stand with a vegan dairy free option after circling once, we went back for the kill. I ended up with this beauty:

Perfectly Simple hot chocolate with Sweet Vegan marshmallows

Plus a fascinating run through of the whole Jaz & Juls organic hot chocolate making process, they also have some really interesting flavours I am thinking we will be trying the caralimelicous next time. Oh and they only use VEGAN marshmallows!

Back to The List we then spent a good half and hour searching for Chaboba before we realised it was on  the first floor of the market. It was worth the confused wandering here and there, up and down, plus we burnt some extra calories to therefore warrant a tea.

Yay! We found it!

I first saw these drinks with the tapioca pearls in them at Oriental City but never ever tried them as they scared me a little bit, oh how things change, especially when you have become vegan and you find out you can have it! We went for the Milk (non dairy) Japanese green tea. Oh my word, it reminded of the sweet milk teas in Japan often found in their vending machines. It was nearly toothachingly sweet but you can control the sweetness so next time (oh yes there WILL be a next time) I would take it down a notch. It comes with an extra wide straw so that you can suck up those chewy little bobas.

Chaboba on Urbanspoon

Camden we will be re-rediscovering you soon! x

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