21 Day Vegan Health Kick, Week 2

30th January 2012

I am still hanging in there, just. After a rather stressful day at work on Friday I could have done with a cocktail but I have been resisting. I have also struggled this week with coming home and having to cook food for lunch and dinner, so still no sign of the rejuvenated and energy filled me I was hoping for.

This meant I had to buy a couple of lunches (both yummy) and a dinner (disappointing).

Spianata & Co hummus sandwich
Hoxton Beach falafel wrap
Vitao takeout box

Snacks have been crackers (Amisa and Dr Krag), nuts, fruit and fresh coconut.

Waitrose fresh coconut

The dishes I have made from the Meal Plan:

Quickie Quesadillas

Reading the ingredients I wasn’t sure how tasty these were going to be but I was really surprised. The filling is basically a homemade hummus of chickpeas and roasted peppers, much better than a previous attempt at hummus I have had. I will be looking up some traditional quesadillas recipes to veganize as these usually have cheese in them.

Zucchini Scramble

The tofu and courgette in this recipe was to be flavoured only with soya sauce and chilli powder, not convinced this would be terribly exciting I ended up making it in to more of a teriyaki dish but adding maple syrup and mirin. It was still a bit blah and I also added a slice of Tofutti before I toasted it.

Lentil Artichoke Stew

This dish is pretty similar to a lentil hot pot I make for the Lil Man and I enjoyed it but then I love lentils and I love artichokes.

Carrot and pepper soup

This being a meal plan for new vegans, it also takes into account eating out and gives recommendations for various cuisines: Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian. I was VERY happy to see Mexican, obviously this meant I would not have to forego my burrito habit.

Mexican: Chilango burrito
Indian: Rara tarka dhal and bombay potato

And this weeks confessions…one morning I had cake for breakfast (it’s a long story) and a decaf mocha later that same day.

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