21 Day Vegan Health Kick, Week 3

5th February 2012

Hurrah day 21 where have you been all my life?? Well it actually has not been all that bad, I realised I don’t need to have a sugar and caffeined filled drink every day and even appreciate it more when it is a once a week treat. I have also got used to not snacking on salty fatty things and the for the first time I did not feel like falling asleep at my desk. However I have also been super busy working 3, 12 hour days in a row. Needless to say there was not much cooking going on in the kitchen.

Leftover carrot and pepper soup and lentil stew for my first two lunches of the week.

Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and leftovers for lunch

All hail the vegan half Hickory Chicken and half Pepe Peppers Village Pizza, pizza is not on the Meal Plan but it’s Italian and it was a belated wedding anniversary treat. Again had left overs for lunch.

Along with copious amounts of Jasmine green tea, the apple cinnamon oatmeal or shop bought granola and yogurt for breakfast and usual snacks (fresh fruit, nuts/seeds, Dr Karg crackers), in chronological order here is what the rest of my final Health Kick week comprised of:

Eat Houmous, Avocado and Harissa sandwich with homemade soup from my girl Finland
Crussh Green Goddess Smoothie, Kale & Avocado Tabouleh Healthpot and Superfoods Healthpot
Fruit kebab
Crussh sweet potato falafel wrap
The Flying Burrito Choc Norris

Tonkatsu curry

Which brings us to the weekend:

Sainsbury's wholemeal hot cross bun grilled with Cheezly
Snack time: Kettle Chips no added salt and hummus

Hmmm, is it me or do I seemed to have lost direction? Oh wait, I did make one dish this week from the Meal Plan, but added some cashew cream per this recipe. The cashew cream rocks!

Creamy broccoli soup lunch both days

However I could not cope with cooking dinner too so I cheated, thanks Sainsbury’s. Therefore Sunday has became another day of leftovers.

Mixed curry wrap with lettuce and hummus
Taifun smoked almond and sesame seed sandwich

This morning I woke up with the beginnings of a cold, apparently reducing sugar and salt in take does not prevent them. I have been pretty good most of today snacking on fruit, baked kale and edamame plus a green  smoothie to try  and  shift the cold.  Sometimes though, there is only one thing that will do…

Adios Health Kick! Hola Sunday night comfort food dinner. 🙂

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