Supermarket Sweep

24th February 2012

I love Twitter and particularly @efcliz, for without them how would I have known Tesco have launched a Free From dairy range (<— let’s just ignore the piece of chicken on the plate shall we…) including milks, cheeses, spreads, yogurts plus desserts?? Excited?? Just a little bit.Luckily I am off work today as we do not have a Tesco close by, Mr Ikeda duly chauffeured me to our nearest one which is an ‘Extra’ (i.e super flipping huge market) so I was pretty sure they would have the range in stock.

Ding! Ding! Jackpot!!

It was slightly overwhelming, I could not possible buy everything as I would not be able to physically comsume it all.  So having asked the Twittersphere (and also asking the wrong person *grins cheesely*) I was recommended the hazelnut milk, creme caramels and yogurt.

Here is what I went for:

Cream cheese, hard cheese (I am pretty sure I read somewhere there was ‘cheddar’ or ‘red leicester’ substitutes – however it says nothing on the packet, I went for the red), hazelnut milk, big pot of plain yogurt as I am granola girl at  the moment and creme caramels which I have unsuccessfully tried making myself before.

I was surprised at the price of the hazelnut milk having been used to seeing around £3 for a litre of Ecomil, looking at the ingredients however Tesco’s 1.5% hazelnut content versus Ecomils organic 7% could explain this.

This trip also coincided with a recent visit to Sainsbury’s where I was also really happy to see their selection of dairy free milks had grown. I have been waiting a long time for Kara to become available in my local, it makes the best creamiest rice pudding and the chocolate version is also pretty good.

Hazelnut Alpro just out of shot

It is good to see veganism really is becoming so accessible. I remember when we first started THV we had to recommend specialist stores or online shops and now you can pick these things at a regular supermarket. I guess it was only a matter of time. 🙂

I have not had a chance to try any of my Tesco treasures yet, but I will update this blog as I get round to them.


Soya natural yogurt

I  thought this was very similar to Sojade natural yogurt which is what I currently have with my granola. Sojade I think is creamier than Alpro, although they now do a fruity and creamy range, something else I need to try! So, not terribly exciting but shows Tesco are up to par with what is already available on the market.

Creme Caramel

This was just how I remember creme caramel tasting and feeling, it had the ‘wobble’ and the silky texture, plus the syrupy bit that I always used to slurp up the end. In addition to this I have never seen vegan creme caramel anywhere else, well done Tesco!

Hard Cheese

Shortly before trying out the new vegan cheese, I discovered via @dadatamonkey that the producers were actually Bute Island of  Sheese fame. My reaction was two-fold, happy for them to have found a path to get their products more in the ‘mainstream’, but also disappointed. I thought I was getting an all new vegan cheese, if I had known it was Bute Island I would not have bothered. Still I am happy to lend my support in boosting sales for it. I am pretty sure if I had not heard before testing, I would have known it was Sheese from the smell alone!

Unlike the other Bute Island Sheeses, this one melts and I am yet to see the melting version at another of their other stockists. I am wondering if this has been reserved solely for Tesco?

Hazelnut milk

I have never had hazelnut milk before but this was sweet, to sweet for my liking, I always go for unsweetened when I buy non dairy milks. It did make a pretty yummy chocolate malt shake though, recipe here.

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