Taste of Asia: China

3rd March 2012

Blog number two in my culinary trip across Asia takes us to China. If you missed the first stop you can read all about Japan here.

We eat out in Golders Green a lot, mainly because it’s home to Baba’s favourite sushi restaurant and now, because of Dim Sum House.

Mr Ikeda loves Chinese food, I wonder if it is due to his heritage (his Grandmother was Chinese) as he can be somewhat particular with food; no Japanese, no Vietnamese, no Thai only Chinese. And apparently I am the fussy one in our household!

We have to travel for Chinese since there are none that meet Mr Ikeda’s approval in our area. My criteria is pretty simple: Chinese broccoli (also called gai lan or kai lan). Anything else is a bonus (like the stir fried vegetables from the now closed Oriental City, the ‘lemon’ chicken from the Golden Palace in Harrow or the vegetarian crispy duck from Alisan in Wembley). For the last year and a half we have been going back to Wing Tai our favourite restaurant when we lived in Colindale, Dim sum House however is slightly closer.

They have lots of vegetarian items on the menu, including a good selection of dim sum and gai lan (for me the sign of a real chinese). On asking the waiter I was told all the vegetarian dumplings were suitable for vegans.

Mini Golden Pumpkin £2.80

The golden pumpkin dim sum look adorable and also taste good. They don’t seem to be filled with much mushroom but are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

To-fu Soup with Buddhist Monk's Vegetables £3.20

The tofu soup was disappointing, whilst there was a nice selection of mushrooms and vegetables the soup itself was tasteless. Another item that always excites me when I see it on the menu is hand pulled noodles, we have tried them fried with mixed vegetable (£6), but they were very saucy (sloppy in fact).

Whilst the food is good and in the same price bracket as Wing Tai the portion sizes are much smaller. I could quite easily finish the portion of gai lan off by myself. They have a good vegetarian selection of which I have no doubt I will get to try out if Mr Ikeda has anything to do with it.

Chinese broccoli with garlic £7.50

Dim Sum House on Urbanspoon

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