Day out in Brighton (part 1)

18 March 2012

And what did you do yesterday?  Me?  I went down to Brighton with Mitsu and her lovely lil man.  First of all we went to VegfestUK.

I love a good vegan festival, don’t you?  We got their early and I must have tried EVERY taster in the place and that is a lot because there was so much to try; Wheaty, Frys, Redwood, Amy’s kitchen, Vegusto, Goody Good stuff and more!

There was as usual some new things to try, first up swirly potatoes….

The potato is swizzled in the machine, then stretched out on the stick, deep fried and flavored to your taste – the one we nibbled was salt & vinegar.  I am not going to lie to you to you, it was like crisps but a smidge fatter.

There was more deep fried food to eat, “fish” & chips….

This was nice, “fishy” but not too fishy.  We shared it and it was  maybe a little too greasy for me but it was a one off treat!

I tasted every taster there which I don’t usually do and found a few tasty treats….  Oh and check out the vegan kebab set up that was on the wheaty stall.  There was a young vegan man there who was mesmerized by it, he was trying to find out where he can buy one. 🙂

I do like a mixed box of raw bars – 3 of each flavor :-).  Soooooo excited about the raw wraps

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2 thoughts on “Day out in Brighton (part 1)”

  • I looked at this ‘specially to see if they had the Wheaty Kebab! how was it? Just so utterly awesome. Kebabs I miss more than bacon! I will definitely go to the next VegFest if they have these. Am a wheaty fan generally, their Chorizo is one of our staples now.

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