25th March 2012

It was officially summer in the  Ikeda household yesterday, cemented by the purchase of our very first barbecue. Reduced but we discovered also damaged, which led to a whole big rant from Mr Ikeda about the shop he had bought it from, but you don’t want to hear about that! I think it gives it character. 🙂

I love the smokey flavour barbecuing adds to foods, Fry’s hot dogs were amazing, but it dried out the surface of the burger. I also made mushroom kebabs – portobello mushrooms quartered and marinated in olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar.

I whizzed up some Caesar salad dressing for some lettuce and a potato salad using Plamil mayo and chopped chives.

These Pane Toscano traditional bruschettina were picked up in Waitrose, they got a rubbed with garlic and were popped under the grill, they were good!

We enjoyed our barbie so much we had one tonight too. I was too tired to dream up something new so it was just more potato salad and hot dogs for me, plus a side of stir fried shredded Brussels sprouts. I finely shredded the Brussels and sauteed them with onions, garlic, plenty of spinach from the garden, unsweetend soya milk and flour to thicken. Brussels were one of the two vegetables I never liked (parsnips is the other bluerggh!) perhaps too many bad experiences of boiled to mushness put me off, but there was not a hint of that awaful smelly sproutiness in this stir fry. Heavenly.

Creamy garlic spinach and Brussel sprouts

Plate #1 with a taster of tomorrows lunch

That on the bottom right of the plate is some of Maple Spice’s spanakopita which entailed making baked almond feta. You can find the recipes for both here, I had no cheese cloth, though Twitter threw me plenty of alternatives all I had a was a packet of J Cloths under the sink, nothing really drained out of my cheese but it was still tasty and had the desired consitency nonetheless. I am looking forward to trying out the other recipes for using it.

Unbaked almond feta

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