30th March 2012

For the Lil Man and I. Since my last blog about shoes he is now on his second pair of Crocs (also Scoobys, incidentally the favourite bed time story at the moment). The Ethletics were a birthday present from my lovely Mimi, I ordered them before December but due to stock issues I only got them a few weeks ago. They were also too big me, but not wanting  Sash to miss out,  I offered them to her and ordered another pair in a smaller size and an additional pair for the Lil Man.

Mine are teal  (they look a bit brighter blue online) and his are olive. I LOVE them.

A week or two ago Sash was very insistent she pick up some Dorest Cereal gingerbread porridge she had heard @paperbagblog tweeting about. Like a ‘cuddle for breakfast’ she declared.

Sadly on reading the packet there was a nut warning so that meant a no no for the Lil Man. But not wanting him to miss out I made him his own. And because I don’t want you to miss out either you can find the recipe here.

Ingredients: oats, crushed gingerbread cookies and apricots

I recently got Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar (another belated birthday present) and have been making use of the wholesome cookie section. To make the gingerbread porridge you will first have to make some gingerbread cookies. Although the Lil Man is pretty much eating what I do, I still prefer to make his cookies, dessert and cakes low or completely sugar free. I am thinking about adding molasses to them next time to make them more of a deep brown plus it is good for iron.

Sugar free gingerbread cookies

I bought myself a dehydrator. EXCITING!! However things have been so hetic lately it was almost a week before I had even taken it out of the box. I already know from Sash and her exeperiences with her own that that there is going to be a lot of experintenting required. I did finally manage to christen it this week and made courgette , bananana, apple and kale chips. The dehydrator really does concentrate the flavour, I have some many other things I want to try.

Dehydrated courgette chips

..[S] TO ME
Apparently I am not getting enough protein! The topic that has every vegan rolling their eyes had me questioning my dietry intake. I have suffered from back pain for nurmerous years, predominately caused by sitting at a desk all day, but I was told by a masseuse that I have so many knots in my back its likely I am not getting enough protein which is essential for the amino acids that will prevent them. I was recommended some vegan protein shakes which I have been drinking for about about two weeks now. Whether it is true or not I don’t know but I am willing to give it a go if it will make a difference.

I have trips to Japan and New York booked. I so am looking forward to spending time with family and of course seeing what vegan wonderfulness I can find abroad.

[*UPDATE* gingerbread man cookie recipe has been perfected and can be found here]

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