Burrito London pt 3

15th April 2012

Some burritos are born greater than others. The third and final part of my burrito guide (parts one and two) features the burritos that have not made it in to my top of the pops. For whatever I reason I just didn’t enjoy them as much (and sometimes not at all) as their compadres. However what I no likey you might likey? So here is the final selection of joints you can pick up a vegan burrito in London.

This list is by now means complete as burritos places are popping up literally every week, within the last month I have eaten from 3 new places and seen two new ones about to open. So I will continue to update the guides as I make way way through them.

In no particular order are the other many burrito places of London to chose from.


Summer vegetable burrito

Where? Many of locations check their website, I have visited Westfield London, Covent Garden and Canary Wharf.

Proper veggie option? Yes

What they say: We do garnish some of our vegetarian dishes with cheese or crema, which we would be happy to omit for you – Just request this at the time of ordering. Please see below for menu items and the components, in brackets that would need to be excluded. Larger Plates: Seasonal Veg Burrito (need to order without the crema & feta). Salads: Summer Fuerza (need to order without feta), Sonora Beans (needs to be ordered with house dressing instead of chipotle mayonnaise). Street Food:Seasonal Veg Taco (needs to order without feta), Huarache – In the street food specials (needs to be ordered without feta or crema). Sides: Green Salad, Green Rice. Nibbles: Salsa fresco, Guacamole. Puddings: Mango sorbet. Please note that our frijoles and our esquites may appear vegan friendly, but in fact they have butter in them, so you do want to avoid anything with frijoles or esquites.

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Have tried the burrito twice, on the first occasion found it very dry. My revist found it slightly more moist, I like the flavoured rice (garlic and corander) but it does not come with salad just vegetables – the beans (frijoles) have dairy in and none of the burritos come with gaucamole. It was very spicy as is all the food at Wahaca. It was served with nachos, which you will be sick of because you will order nachos to start not realising it will come with the main (we do this EVERY time).

Price: £6.40


Where? Holborn

Proper veggie option? No

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Was impressed with the brown rice option, have since seen some other places also offering this. The gaucamole was really creamy and the sweetcorn salsa was also good. However it was bland – I went for ‘mild’ but just couldn’t taste any heat. I was only offered beans with the vegetarian option, however on reviewing menu looks like should have been offered veg too. Good size.

Price: £5.50

Nineteen Ten

Where? Westfield London

Proper veggie option? No

What they say: There is no animal or dairy products “hiding” in any of our food. Our pinto beans are cooked with bacon(this is labelled clearly on the menu), otherwise if it looks vegan it will be. Veggie taco’s are gluten free as well. With the taco’s,  veggie burrito or salad just avoid the cheese and sour cream. All of our salsa’s and quacamole are dairy free and veggie. We use no milk, eggs or butter in any of our products. We have also just introduced a new item, 3 bean and corn chilli. It is my current favourite! Pinto, black and kidney beans with sweet corn kernels cooked in  tomatoes and a mix of jalapeno and smoked chipotle chillies. Served with rice and corn chips it is meat, dairy and wheat free. Next week we are also launching our Horchata, a traditional chilled Mexican drink made from rice, vanilla and cinnamon which is worth a try!

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Rice (unflavoured), black beans, corn salsa, spicy salsa, tomato salsa, vegetables (which were nice and crunchy), guacamole, lettuce and lime. Very spicy however cooled perfectly by the gaucamole. Right balance of beans and rice, was very filling. I don’t know what it is that some burritos have that others don’t, really all the effort is here but just not the flavour.

Price: £8.50 (incuding organic pear juice)


Where? The have lots, check their webste, I visited the Leadenhall branch.

Proper veggie option? No

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Coriander rice (Spanish also available), black beans, guacamole, hot sauce, salad, tomato salsa. The vegetables where crunchy, I suspect raw onions again as that was the overwhelming taste that was left in my mouth after. Was a very generous portion, and the gaucamole was particularly nice with actual pieces of avocado visible. Good value for money but sadly it seemed to have something missing and despite everything tasted bland.

Price: £4.95

Daddy Donkey

Where? Chancery Lane

Proper veggie option? No

What they say: The best thing to do is request any of our vegetarian options (burritos, naked burritos or tacos) and let the staff know when you get to the salsa section that you would like to exclude dairy (cheese and sour cream). We also have lots of great vegan-proof extras that you can choose from such as chilli pumpkin seeds, red jalapenos and guacamole (however be careful with the extras because the chipotle coleslaw contains mayonnaise and the feta cheese is also an obvious no go).

Guacamole surcharge? No

What I had: Rice, black beans, vegetables, lettuce, hot sauce and gaucamole. The vegetables had a good flavour but ahh curse of the raw onions. It was the perfect size. I wouldn’t go back especially with Chilangos just round the corner.

Price: £5.25

Mexican Express

Where? Old Street plus new branch to open in Moorgate

Proper veggie option? No

What they say: After getting no repsonse to my emails I called them up and they confirmed that the guacamole, chilli sauces and bean were suitable for vegans.

Guacamole surcharge? Yes

What I had: Had vegetarian with Mexican rice, pinto beans, vegetables, tomato salsa, spicy chilli and gaucamole. Very bland and not at all spicy, I wouldn’t even class as mild and raw onions again! Guacamole was all at bottom, not thick and chunky but kinda thin I am actually doubtful as to whether it is dairy free now. It was a good size which I managed all in one go. Looking at the serving station I am not too sure about how hard they are trying to keep teh different fillings seperated so if you are worried about cross contamination I would not recommend going there. Despite a branch opening right opposite my work, I won’t be.

Price: £5.45

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