Wholefood Heaven, Whitecross Market

20th April 2012

I imagine this guy was Tweeting what he was having for lunch while he was obstructing my shot.

From their uber cute converted Citroen H Van (Luardos also use them) you can have any dish you want as long as it’s a Buddha Bowl. I recognised the name as there is a section about bowls in Isa Chanda’s Appetite for Reduction but before my visit to Wholefood Heaven I was yet to try this retro vegetarian staple.

The essential components of a bowl, depending on what your google search brings up (and I am guessing what you happen to have in your kitchen at the time) are a grain, vegetables and/or protein and/or beans plus a sauce. Yes it turns out I have unknowingly been eating them all along.

The Wholefood Heaven bowl has organic brown short grain rice, sauted kale, which you can see being cooked fresh on the griddle when you place your order, kimchi and a saucy Malaysian curry.

The kimchee which was not like traditional kimchee, was nice and tart , I could actually have done with more of both that and the kale which was super  fresh and crunchy as the sauce beneath was very rich.

Component 1: vegetables
Component 2: the sauce is revealed
Component 3: organic shortgrain rice

I went for the large (£5) on the word of Nicole over at Dine Gluten Free Vegan but couldn’t manage it all (wimp I know), next time I would go for a small which I am also guessing would take care of my veggies to sauce ratio.

The sauce itself was devine, so creamy and the rice just soaked it all up including the flavours. It is only on uploading the photo of the menu board I realise it was meant to have pineapple in it, it was mainly potato but I did spot a couple of pieces of shredded tofu. The seeds spinkled over the top was a nice touch.

Mini Buddha bowl

Can you guess what is coming next? It is getting near enough impossible for me not to eat something and then try and recreate it myself, heck if Isa is telling me I should I have no excuses for not giving it a go.

If you cannot make it to Whitecross Market for the WH version here is one for you to try at home. x

Buddha Bowl

Serves 5


  • Sharwoods Thai green curry paste (this is not spicy at all so add chilli if you like some heat)
  • I can coconut milk
  • 320g butternut squash
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 200g mixed veggies (I used mange tout, baby sweet corn and broccoli), if you also like a lot of sauce cut down the amount of veggies you use
  • 200g kale
  • 5/6 mushrooms
  • Serve with your choice of grain, I made the quinoa pilaf recipe from PCRM
  1. First get your grain on, you don’t have to stick with rice try quinoa or millet.
  2. Slice the carrots and fry in a large pan, when they start to soften add the butternut squash, then the paste and coat the vegetables in it.
  3. Add the coconut milk and leave to simmer for 20 minutes, the carrots and butternut squash should be soft now.
  4. I like my mange tout etc crunchy so add these in now and cook for another 7 minutes.
  5. In a seperate pan stir fry the kale which I left plain and mushrooms to which I added some herbs and paprika.
  6. Place your grain of choice in the bottom of the bowl, top with the curry and the kale and mushrooms.
Component 1: The grain
Component 2: The sauce
Component 3: The vegetables

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