Japan: Eating in

27th May 2012

My Obachan (auntie) lives in Saitama Prefecture about 1.5 hours from Tokyo station, most of meals I ate here were homemade or bought from the supermarket.

Gomoku zushi, pickled daion and seaweed with sisho
Cold noodles with raw bean sprouts, cucumber and avocado

Okra and seaweed salad
Yaki soba (fried noodles)
Lotus root
Stir fried vegetables

A typical breakfast looks very much like lunch or dinner to Western eyes, consisting of rice, vegetables, pickles and miso soup.

The Lil Man however is partial to a bowl of cereal of a morning so we picked some up plus soya milk.

I have also seen this brand of soya milk, Kikkoman, mentioned on other vegan blogs as you can pick it up at 7-Eleven which are located in most places. My aunts local Seiyu department store which has a supermarket in the basement had a wide range of flavours.

Kikkoman soya milk ¥78

Coffee (my fav) caffeinated and decaffeinated, plain, vanilla ice (vanilla ice cream), banana and chocolate.

I stocked up on snacks at Japanese supermarkets before the trip down south because a vegan best chance is to be prepared 🙂

Garlic flavoured crisps
Potato flavoured rice crackers
Vegetable chips (which were mainly banana????) ¥298

I am very lucky and grateful to have Baba with us as she was able to read ingredients and check anything I wanted to make sure they were ‘safe’. Another thing of note is that most bread in Japan has milk in it, this made toast or any homemade sandwich out of the question.

When not eating or going out to find food (!) I managed to catch some sumu wrestling on tv, seriously why would you sit in the first row???

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