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May 2012

It turns out that Kings Cross, platform 9 3/4 is not the only place you can leave London and go on an adventure. This I found out on a short break to Cornwall after a quick 4 hour journey from Paddington station.  When we hopped off the train at St Austell we were ready for a three night stay at the pier house, Charlestown.

First impressions are how pretty the place is, and that’s not just because the sun was shining, although that does help!

About 4pm all the school kids headed down to the water to jump in and swim (when the tide is in). Very different to my post school summer activities in South London.

Before we left I decided that this short break was not going to be dictated by my veganism. We booked a hotel and it was only via a tweet that I found out about vegan options at the Eden project and their cafe in St Austell. (Wahoooo)

After check in and chilling we went walking and found ourselves in St Austell. Time to hunt down the eden project cafe but they had stopped serving food at 3pm. (Boooo)

There were 3 vegan options listed; chips, bread & hummus and the soup of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any.

Breakfast was at the pierhouse hotel everyday and consisted of grapefruit, cereal, toast and cooked breakfast (beans, mushrooms, tomatoes).  Here is why I justify such a big breakfast…Long walks 😉

Ops took the photo too late!

Had a picnic lunch bought from the local tesco with was salad, hummus and bread. We also had a lunch at the eden project baking. Again not vast vegan options but is was fresh (grown right outside) and seasonal.  I had a greek salad (no feta!) and chips.  Carrot soup and bread was another option.

This was really tasty which I largely credit to the freshness of the vegetables.

We had dinner at the hotel each evening. There is an a la carte menu which has several vegetarian options including; veg & chick pea curry served with popadom & pickle, sweat & sour stir fry veg with char grilled tofu, and stuffed cabbage.  All meals are served with additional veg & potatoes. Portions are huge!

They are happy to veganise any meal apart from the veg & chick pea curry which is pre made with yoghurt.

On the first night we had a starter, they veganised the mushroom risotto.  On the last night they would have made a vegan version of the mushroom & nut strogganoff with tomato sauce but I opted for the stir fry again.

It was really great to be cooked for :-).  Clearly it helps that they have a chef cooking from scratch.  Being a vegan in this situation you are always dependent on the imagination & creativity of the chef.  In this case they were on form. Its a lovely place to stay and I would recommend it.

This vegan doesn’t miss out on good food 🙂

Proof of long walks….or rather pretty countryside that I saw on a long coastal walk.

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