St Austell – Eden Project

May 2012

I have never know that much about it except that I always wanted to go.  The Eden project has always sounded so interesting what with big biomes, rain forest and all in Cornwall.

The first thing I learned, even before I went, was the location Devon & Cornwall, yes I was one of those people who didn’t know! I have never been on many holidays in the south west and did not know which came first (embarrassed). Now I do. 🙂

The second thing is how far away Cornwall is so the plan to go overnight was just plain silly.  We quickly realised the bulk of that time would be spend travelling on a train and I like trains but not enough for the jpurney to be the main event of my weekend away.

So a 3 night trip to St Austell was booked with the main event being the Eden Project and that would be sandwiched between coastal walks and other things (otherwise known as eating).

I would like to tell you 3 things I knew about the project before the visit. Its called the eden project, it was in either Devon or Cornwall, and there is a rain forest there.

After my visit I can tell you a lot more facts but I am going to start my gushing…  OMG what an amazing place.  What an incredible imagination Tim Smit has.  How was this achieved?!!!

You should go. Right now.  Stop what you are doing, book a train, and go to the Eden project.  If you like gardening, or even just looking at pretty flowers, if you are an eco warrior, or what to learn more about alternative, greener way then you should go. (Right now).

On a arrival you see the forest garden. This is a self sufficient garden that combines fruit, nut and other trees with plants that all sustain one another.  If one takes nitrogen from the soil another puts it in.  This is small and new but still is the example of a perfect garden and I want one.

Once you enter the project before your eyes, in May anyway, is a beautiful array of flowers and colour around the 2 big biomes.

We mooch around the outside areas, blessed with empty paths, taking in the west side which includes; prairie, plants for a changing climate, myth & folklore and more.

There is educational information everywhere so you can stop, read, learn or simple admire the plants.

I was amazed (and slightly envious) at the garden area.  So much tasty veg that the rabbits couldn’t resist

The only reason I didn’t nibble too was because the telegraph have a web cam there.

One of the aims of the Eden project is to show us what different plants are used for and what they can be used for.

My favorite Biome was the rain forest one…  Everything was soooooo big in there!

Part of the reason that the Eden project was established is to help educate us on the value of the rain forest, what we use the plants for, how it aids the environment and then the impact of it disappearing.

There was a few plants & flowers that I have never seen before.

Eden interesting project facts
The idea was bourne in the early 90’s
It has been created in an exhausted steep sided clay pit
It opened 17 March 2001
It cost £140 million
They are involved in a whole heap of worthwhile projects which you can more about here (link to eden projects)

My favourite Eden project signs

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