Tokyo, Japan

16th June 2012

Tokyo has vegan restaurants a plenty but it is also BIG place, I had a few places listed to visit but in the end after all the travelling we had done, was happy to go where the wind took us.  I was really surprised to have two deliciously good meals at ‘regular’ Japanese restaurants, better than the salad and chips fare I have had to suffer on many occasion back in blighty.

Japan is an amazing place, I feel very lucky to have it as part of my heritage and although it is a bummer to have family so far away I am grateful for the opportunity to visit it gives me. The trip went so quickly, blogging about  it just gave me even longer to enjoy it so I am a little bit sad that this is the final one. Sayonara Japan, until next time. x


On the way back to Tokyo we took a detour to Kichijoji… where I had vegan pizza!!! I was actually surprised by how nice the interior of DevaDeva Cafe, it just goes to show never judge a cafe by it’s website. Located amongst some really cute boutique filled shopping streets it’s above Karel Capek which just happened to be another shop I wanted to visit.

Baba had the teriyaki burger I tried some of the pattie and it did not seem to be anywhere near as good the Cafe Matsuontoko.

Devadeva Cafe teriyaki burger ¥1,050

The pizza was on a super thin and crispy crust, I was not sure about the vegan cheese when I tasted it at first on its own, but with the rest of the pizza it somehow worked. It was very like ricotta? Topped with lotus root which I LOVE), pepper, tomato and potato (which sounds weird but I actually had a cheeseless pizza with potato on it in Sorrento, you don’t question Italians on pizza!) by the last bite I was loving it.

Devadeva Cafe vegan vitamin pizza vegetable ¥1,100

For dinner I ordered the yogi burger which apparently they are famous for and a slice of the seasonal gatau aux fruit for dessert.

Devadeva Cafe yogi burger ¥950

Devadeva Cafe season's gatau aux fruit ¥600

Not everything on the menu is vegan, they do have some items with milk which are indicated.

Sadly the burger was disappointing, but the cake was really good. It was not too sweet and had a different kind that was not buttercream based, perhaps it was meant to be more like a cream.

Below DevaDeva Cafe is Karel Capek a really cute tea shop with all kinds of different flavoured teas, you might as well check it out as you’re there. 🙂

Karel Capek strawberry tea
Directions from Kichijoji station: Take the north exit, turn left at the end of the street take a right onto Kichijoji Dori take the left after Tokyu Department store, then take the third right which is Kichijoji-honcho. DevaDeva cafe is about half way down the street and on the 2nd floor above Karl Capek. Look out for the hula girl.


We had lunch at the  Seibu department store after I had indulged in some retail therapy in stationery on the 12th floor. I wasn’t too hopefully about what I was going to end up with, but one of the first restaurants we looked at had a yasai (vegetable) curry which the staff were able to confirm had nothing untoward in the sauce.

Tokyo Curry-ya Meitenkai 8th floor of Seibu @ Ikebukuro station

It appeared to be an Indian curry restaurant but the curry was actually Japanese style, and really good. My island of rice was swimming in spicy sauce with aubergine, okra, green beans, mushroom and potato. They omitted the soup which had fish and salad with French dressing that contained eggs.

Tokyo Curry-ya Meitenkai yasai curry ¥1200

We also got a complimentary tray of pickles, there was about 3 rakkyo (pickled scallions) left at the end, soooo good! They aren’t vinegary like pickled onions (my auntie tells me they are pickled in salt first and then vinegar), I have not had these since I left home years and years ago they are seriously moorish.  Overall a delicious and filling meal.


We took a trip to Harajuku to meet some of Baba’s friends led us to a pasta restaurant (directions here), where lo and behold I had an amazing plate of vegetable spaghetti.

Kabenoana yasai pasta

A garlic and tomato pasta sauce with courgette, peppers and onions. Simple but really delicious.

Bellies full we then set about walking off lunch by seeking out Mominoki House (organic but also serving fish and meat). The front entrance has a small shop selling various food goods and then a pretty impressive menu board inside the restaurant. I would really have liked to try their gluten dishes but only 3 bentos: curry, tofu steak and 7 vegetables were available for takeaway.

Pasta walked off we made the most of our surroundings and sat down for some ice cream there were two flavours black sesame seed and coconut.

Mominoki House coconut ice cream ¥525

The Lil Man and I shared the coconut, it was very crystally, so you could tell it was definitely homemade.

Sadly another disppointing dinner, the tofu steak bento I picked up did not really taste of much although there was a good variety of Japanese vegetables fuki, warabi and nametaki.

Mominoki House tofu steak bento ¥1360

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