UK Vegan Food Swap

18th June 2012

So there I was catching up on my Google reading when the excitement of  The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado caught my eye. Someone had sent her food, ‘that’s nice I thought’, then I read on and I got excited.  This is pratically a movement sweeping bloggersphere  it’s called a VEGAN FOOD SWAP. You sign up, are allocated a lucky vegan to post some vegan goodies to and in return you get a surprise box of goodies yourself.


Surely there must be one here in the UK? There is UK Foodie Penpals (this as far as I can gather the original), and whilst you can specify dietry requirements you cannot guarantee you will get a lovely vegan to post goodies to and I know who I would rather have enjoying my vegan parcels of mystery and delight. It looks like other vegans thought the same because what came next was the US Vegan Food Swap and the Candian Vegan Food Swap.

The idea of the giving and receiving, the having and the sharing (sorry, I’ve clearly watched that episode of Friends too many times) is obviously awesome, but I love the fact that you can make someone’s day anywhere in the UK. Now here in particular I am thinking of all those lovely people I know from Twitter who are all over the country – I WANT TO SEND YOU FOOD!!!!


If you are and I haven’t scared you off with my extreme use of capitals please email us or leave a comment below. I am swanning off to the US for 2 weeks, when I get back I will follow up with more details and hopefully be able to get that ball rolling.

Did I mention I am going to the US with a big suitcase????


You can now sign up and read how it works here.

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