Diamond Jubilee Tea

21st June 2012

Just when you thought all the Jubilee hoo ha had died down here I come waving my bunting all in your face.

To partake in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations I did not think there was anything more British I could do than have an afternoon tea. I started my preparations well in advance as I decided I wanted to make my own bunting. Not union jack bunting, but cutesy bunting that I could possibly get away with leaving up under the pretence of being too lazy to take it down. It is still up and no one has said anything…ma’am’s the word 😉

Rather than doing it on the Sunday whilst the Queen was floating with the flotilla down the Thames, I made use of all the extra days to prepare it.

The sandwiches:

Wheaty Viriginia steak & mustard and Redwood tuna style pâté & sweetcorn mayo
Hummus & cucumber and eggless mayo
Strawberries dipped in sugar free choc
Strawberry cheesecake

The cheesecake turned out little sloppy from overestimating the amount of strawberries going in the cheesecake mix.

Agave Bundt cake with lemon glaze

I searched high and low for some whipping cream but couldn’t find any so I  made my own using this recipe here. It was very coconutty and also a bit sloppy, but after several days in the fridge it did firm up, having made it on the day it didn’t really help me!

The pièce de résistance? A happy vegan to share it with 🙂

The Vegan Queen
THE Queen

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1 thought on “Diamond Jubilee Tea”

  • Sorry to hear the cream recipe didn’t work out – we have always had success with it and good reviews 🙂 If it was very coconutty and ‘sloppy’ you might have over-heated the coconut and perhaps burnt it a bit which makes the coconut stronger and also would make the mixture more runny and take a bit longer to firm up.

    Good to see the feedback though, for future editing of the recipe.

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