New Jersey, USA

4th August 2012

For the second half of our holiday we hopped on a train bound for some New Jersey hospitality with the other half of the Ikeda family.

Our first night we feasted at East Sushi, practically the perfect place for Mr Ikeda and I. I love Japanese food, Mr Ikeda however is not so keen, however problem solved at this restaurant as they also served his favourite – Chinese!

East Sushi, vegetable dragon roll and vegetable tempura roll

I had miso soup and a couple of sushi rolls which were very filling. I was really impressed with the vegetable dragon rolls, I have not seen avocado wrapped around the outside before, it is not easy to do am sure.

East Sushi on Urbanspoon

I picked up my usual supplies from Trader Joe’s none of us knowing there would be somewhere else to get the staples. So I was completely stopped in my tracks (down several aisles) at Wegmans. Oh Wegmans, had it not been several hundred degrees outside I would have brought home to London the contents of your dairy free cheese cabinet. Daiya, Galaxy, Follow Your Heart and this is just a ‘regular’ supermarket I also spotted Silk soya milk but never got to try it out.

All the goodies I picked up in NY & NJ
  1. Brad’s raw Foods raw chips cheddar
  2. Pretzel Crisps everything
  3. Pirates Booty Veggie rice and corn puffs
  4. Original Tings crunchy corn sticks
  5. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pretzels
  6. Hershey’s sugar free chocolate syrup
  7. Swedish Fish
  8. Life Savers butter rum
  9. Hersheys cinnamon chips
  10. Newman’s Own Organics Newman-O’s original
  11. Trader Joe’s cookie butter
  12. Twizzlers original twists
  13. Dylan’s Candy Bar dark raspberry
  14. Luna Bars caramel nut brownie, chocolate peppermint stick, peanut butter cookie, white chocolate macadamia, lemon zest (these were .99 cents are Trader Joe’s!!!).
  15. Larabar coconut cream pie

I have been steadily working my way through everything, with the help of the other happy vegan of course, and my colleagues in the office. I am all about sharing the vegan love. 😉 I also doubled up on several items in preparation for our first UK Vegan Swap.

Barbecue night I tossed a Tofurkey chickenless stuffed cutlet on and then smothered it in barbecue sauce (the actual sauce it came with exploded in the microwave o_O) it was accompanied by the BEST sweetcorn ever slathered with Earth Balance.

Breakfast was toast or cereal. I even managed to have one of my favourite Friday breakfasts, a hash brown sandwhich.

Trader Joe’s hash brown and Galaxy Nutritional Foods Soy Vegan Slices

The restaurants we frequented for the remainder of the trip were definitely more to Mr Ikeda’s taste. At Buffalo Wild Wings I could only have the fries but the interactive trivia game was fun. I was particularly impressed with KC Prime, a steak restaurant who were able to offer me pasta or teriyaki tofu skewers (not on the menu). The gesture was much appreciated and it looked good, but didn’t really have the much in way of flavour, I guess you don’t go to a steak restaurant for tofu!

Their starter of bread and bean dips which was also vegan was really good, so good we had to order more.

KC Prime Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I checked in with Ihop, a pancake house before we went for breakfast one morning and they helpfully responded to my tweet giving me my options:

However at the restaurant I was told the veggies were not available so I went for the hash brownies and fruit.

Our last meal in America was at the airport. I had an amazing pizza from Wolfgang Puck, I asked for their roasted vegetable sans cheese which earned me a raised eyebrow, my first of the entire trip .

Contrary to the impression I am sure my two blogs have give, it was not all about the food. One of the non-edible items on my shopping list included a pair of vegan Saucony trainers. It must have been one of the last days of the holiday and after visits to many a shoe store when we visited DSW and I hit the jackpot.

Vegan Saucony Bullets in four colours

I love them.

Thanks America it has been a blast! I cannot wait to come back and eat some more!!


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