30th August 2012

You know that feeling when you get a real hankering for something, sometimes it’s something healthy more often than not it’s not. Well that’s me at the moment, and I actually have a legitimate reason for it. My Lil Man is soon to become a very proud older brother, he is VERY excited.

I am gliding into my 14th week now but it is only recently that I have started to gain my appetite back, with most of month two being consumed with nausea and loss of appetite. When you are a foodie and a food blogger no less this is never a good thing. Writing about food and looking at photos of food did not help my queasiness, blogging about New York in particular was difficult, I had to grit my teeth and hold my breath. I don’t think Tofurky and I will ever be the same.

Just as the appetite was coming back a couple of weeks ago I was then taken ill with a virus which led to going off food…again. I was one unhappy, nauseus, food unloving vegan. Thankfully and just in time for my second trip to New York this time with Sash, it is back (The Appetite)!!

I am a big savoury girl so one of the strangest things I have been noticing lately is a sweet tooth. Sure I enjoy the odd cake, but I don’t generally eat chocolate or sweets. However the cravings are getting so frequent that I have had to stock up. A craving vegans confectionary of choice? Gummy sweets please. Goody Good Stuff sours are having to do till I can get my hands on some of the non-sour, non-sugar coated variety.

As well as a longing for chocolate, but of course not dark chocolate which I could pick up at any supermarket or sweet shop. No this Mama wants something a little less bitter. Thankfully one good thing did come out of our recent trip to Whole Foods Kensington where we had a disappointing meal at Saf (blog to follow), they have a wide selection of vegan chocolates.

Also I was able to satiate my most recent yearning for a slice of chocolate cake, one that I wouldn’t have to make myself. (Did I mention I am tired all the time??).

Whole Foods vegan chocolate slice £2.50

It was a generous sized piece (a ‘hunk’ I think Sash called it), which I was able to stretch into two servings. The cake itself was quite dense, with a thin jam sandwiching the two layers and a chocolately icing. Not my dream cake, but definitely enjoyable enough to warrant not making my own.

I know you might be thinking ‘well Mitsu how convenient it is you get to eat lots of sweets’ well I also have a thing for fruit, so there! Sugar of the fructose variety no less. Cherries or a nice juicy nectarine are top picks at the moment.

The irony is,  since I have my nice sweet and chocolate stash I have not been the least bit interested, oh the joy of hormones!!

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