Review: MuLondon

3rd September 2012

My sample of MuLondon organic rose moisturiser could not have come at a better time. Hormones have been playing havoc with my skin severly drying it out in patches on my face. My current face cream has been making absolutely no difference so I decided to really put MuLondon to the test.

The jar may appear small but it is concentrated so you only require a small amount for every application (but this also means it is the perfect size for carrying around). However, as my skin is so dry, I started using it neat and rubbing it straight onto the problem areas. I did this for about four days, and at first I was not sure if it was really making any difference. When I woke up day five though, my skin was vastly improved. Since then I have been using as normal, I only moisturise my face once a day after I have showered or bathed usually before bed, and then topping up with the concentrated stuff first thing in the morning as required.

The creams are recommended for dry and sensitive skin. I can confirm the suitability for the dryess, but also the sensitivity. Ordinarily I do not have a problem with that, but my skin has actually been stinging when I used some other creams, with MuLondon I got not a tingle.

The ingredients list is reassurringly short, all organic, and the only reason you might not be able to read them is because they are Latin and not because they are some ridiculously long word for a chemical you will have never heard of.

Having already reviewed their white chocolate truffle moisturiser I knew it would smell amazing, but if you prefer fragrance free they have now started doing such a version.

Application tip: I like to dampen my face and hands, take a small amount of moisteriser which I then rub into the palms of my hands to coat them and then ‘apply’ to my face.

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