The Day of Awesome Food

10th September 2012

For the last few months I have not been quite my food loving, food chomping self. However a couple of weekends ago despite the illness and hormones, The Appetite (apparently it amuses Sash that I personify it) is back!!

When I woke up one Sunday morning the I had a sudden urge, perhaps inspired by a recent purchase of Vegan Brunch, for a vegan brunch!

The last time I was in Camden Sash and I had a brunch at Manna, sadly I think I heard that they don’t do it anymore. So, I headed straight for Inspiral Lounge, who do an all day cooked or raw breakfast.

Inspiral Lounge cooked vegan breakfast

It contained all the usual suspect, my favourites were the meaty Frankfurter style sausage, a really well seasoned hash brown (hidden beneath the grilled tomato) and the homemade beans which also had raw spring onions, grated carrot and pepper. I thought the portion of scrambled tofu was a little on the stingy side. I am yet to have a scrambled tofu that I find amazing but really a cooked vegan breakfast wouldn’t be a cooked vegan breakfast without it right? I also was not too keen on their mushrooms which were fried in coconut oil, this really came through in the flavour, for me the combination was not a good one. The rocket and tomato were a welcome addition as I found most of the dish to be quite salty, something I have noted before about Inspiral. I cannot comment on the toast as I shared the breakfast with the Lil Man and he didn’t give me a look in. 🙂 Overall I found their version to be better than Manna’s.

Inspiral on Urbanspoon

After lunch we headed over to Cookies & Screams’ new location to pick up a donut or two. I was a bit disappointed that they only had one flavour on offer – jam with cinnamon sugar as I would have liked to get a selection, even more so after the first fluffy, jammy, sugar coatedness bite. I loved the fact it was more of an inside out jam donut with the jam on the top, they looked so pretty. They were still warm having just came out of the oven which only added to their deliciousness. Just how do they get someting gluten free so fluffy?? I also bought a peanut butter and jam cookie (Chico) for later.

Cookies and Scream jam and cinnamon sugar donuts

The cookies was moist, perhaps a little too moist, but it was full of delicious peanut butter flavour with the odd hit of fruit puree here and there. There is no denying S&C do gluten free REALLY well.

Cookies and Scream Chico

Cookies and Scream on Urbanspoon

Before going home we picked up dinner from Yum Cha Silks and Spice for Mr Ikeda where I got a portion of gai lan to go with some sushi from Feng Sushi. Boy am I glad to have you back Appetite. 🙂

Silk and Spice, gai lan
Feng Sushi, avocado roll and shitake tempura roll

Yum Cha on Urbanspoon

Feng Sushi on Urbanspoon

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