UK Vegan Food Swap September 2012

22nd September 2012

The third UK Vegan Food swap this month, featuring yet more newly signed up vegans and more delightful surprises in our September food parcel.

This month a THV parcel winged it’s way to Herts, whilst ours came from the not too distant @rebeccaoncanvas in North London.

Since I bring my food parcel contents into work to fill up my snack drawer it made sense to get it delivered straight there instead. The revealing of the parcel contents has become a bit of a grand ceremony at my desk now, with colleagues staring in wonder particularly when I pull out things like almond pate and kale chips (and carnivores say *we* are the ones with a limited diet!).

And what a well-balanced box it was this month, I think pretty much all the food groups were represented, you know protein, vegetables, chocolate…:

  • Homemade almond pate – I LOVED this stuff, I had it a for breakfast a few days in a row on toast. Thoughtfully Rebecca listed the ingredients so I will be trying to make this myself.
  • Inspiral raw cheesie purple corn kale chips – I was most excited about these as I was yet to try them, but actually found them just okay, too much hype over elevated my expectations maybe? I think Sash’s salt and vinegar kale chips are much better. *holds out hands and looks expectantly at Sash*
  • A Cypressa cocoa halva bar – halva is a Mediterranean sweet made from sesame seeds, I haven’t cracked this baby open yet.
  • Happy Kitchen chocolate orange brownie – Not having had a Happy Kitchen brownie since we visited their old shop in London Fields, they have now expanded their range to include flavoured versions. This definitely got the thumbs up.
  • Cosy Tea peppermint tea – with the autumnal chill in there I have been enjoying a nice cuppa late afternoon at work.
  • Diana’s sea salt caramel chocolate – these were really interesting, chocolate bark I think it’s called, but I am a big fan of the salty sweet combination which is just as well because the last items was…
  • Tyrell’s Sweet and salty popcorn – If I got to the cinema I always get half salty half sweet (and if the cashier doesn’t look too sullenly I will ask them to layer it too otherwise you have to eat ALL of one flavour to get to the other and that’s no fun!).

If like me you are a bit of a culinary voyeur you can follow Sash and I on twitter as we RT swappers revealing their parcels a ‘food swap watch’ if you will, or search #veganfoodswap. Living vicariously however is no life my friends, so if you aren’t already signed up maybe you should consider registering (here) and getting a real life actual parcel of your own delivered to your door.

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