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30th September 2012

In addition to my ever growing collection of recipes books (this month’s addition being Cookin’ Crunk by Bianca Phillips) until earlier this year I also had an obscene amount of recipes printed off the internet. You know how it is, you will fancy something that is not in one of your million recipe books and then print off about 10 different recipes for the same thing, because you don’t have all the ingredients for one or you like parts of one recipe but not another.

Or you come across something that you think you simply must try but once it’s confined to the darkest depths of the cupboard with all the other long lost printed recipes it’s completely forgotten about, never to be seen again.

Maybe that’s just me??

Around the time I was wondering if there was some kind of online solution for me I came across Pinterest. If you didn’t know it’s a virtual pin board, allowing users to pin pictures from other websites linking back to the original source, thus making it perfect for storing recipes. Voila! My first online recipe board was born.

Of course it does have its pros and cons, it definitely makes it easier to hoard recipes that I might come across whilst I am catching up on my Google reading, but it is not fool proof because if links change or websites go down the recipe disappears too.

I initially started with one board for all my food inspiration but this started getting out of control. There is no easy way of searching for recipes on your own board (that I know of) so recently I created lots of new boards to break down my recipes into categories.

Yes that is a board just for potatoes, what of it?!

For the moment, the seperate boards are making it much easier to find things, but for how long I am not sure. As well as vegan recipes I also pin recipes that I want to veganise and use the description box to note any tweaking of tested recipe.

I imagine with all this talk of  food I must be making you hungry (I know I am!) so to make it worse I will get on with the obligatory food photos that thanks to Pinterest I was able to save to come back to at a later date, or store tried and tested recipes that I want to make again.

Click on the photos to go through to the source of the recipe.

Vegan omelette from Fat Free Vegan
Chocolate fudge cake, sponge from The Joy of Vegan Baking, chocolate buttercream frosting from BBC Food
Veganised chilli con carne from How to Cook Like Heston
Chocolate coated sugar free donuts adpated from The Naked Kitchen
Almond feta pasta bake from Maple Spice

I would be interested to know how everyone else saves online recipes, do you have a better method?

4 thoughts on “Pinteresting Recipes”

  • Wow, that does sound great but a lot of effort.At the moment I just bookmark my recipes in my browser. I am a cookbook junkie too so I have banned myself from buying anymore until I have made everything in my existing books that I have earmarked!

    • Ahh interesting, I have only just discovered I can set up folders in my google reader!

      You HAVE to make the pasta bake, and the full recipe for the almond feta. The spanakopita recipe is amazing too. Make them all!!!

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