L♥ve: NY Edition

2nd December 2012

A special NY edition of things I loved during our trip in October this year:

♥ I was orginally loving the thought that you could walk into any bagel shop in New York and order a vegan cream cheese bagel, turns out you can’t. We spotted one place near our hotel, but to my irriation we were never able to just happen upon anywhere during our marathon walking session around Manhattan. An authentic Jewish bagel shop would be your best bet, if you know where to find one and they should have vegan cream cheese in a variety of flavours…still this cracker from Tompkins Square Bagel did not disppoint and split between Sash and I was the perfect pre flight snack. *Pats self on back*

Sesame seed bagel wth sundried tomato tofu cream cheese

Cafe Blossom key lime pie, I have never had key lime pie before (vegan or non vegan) and I think I chose the right place to have it for the first time.

Cafe Blossom on Urbanspoon

♥ I actually squeaked when I realised we were close to Wooster St and therefore Wooster St Social Club, I could not, not go and have a look. After manning up and peaking in the window I was disappointed to discover it wasn’t actually open yet. No tattoos for me that day…

Chipotle vegetarian no dairy burrito, despite the ‘amusing’ conversation to order it which involved being offered beans with bacon, NO vegetables (??), and a choice of meat.

♥ Nothing says New York like a fire escape or two.

♥ Raw food at Caraven of Dreams, there is only so much rich, indulgent food I can take (which is surprisingly quite a lot more than I thought) so it was refreshing, literally, to chow down on some rawness.

Live Nachos – Chia chips, guacamole, salsa, olives and almond cream

Caravan of Dreams on Urbanspoon

BAD Burger, such an extensive vegan junk food menu we ate their twice, on our first and last days. They have a seperate vegan kitchen as they also serve non-vegan food,. Pretty much everything non-vegan can be made vegan or should that be the other way round. 😉

Waffle insanity – 2 waffles (gf), tofu scramble, ‘bacon’, ‘sausage’.

Bad Burger on Urbanspoon

♥ Walking across the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn, we actually walked all the way to Champs and then Dunwells, if I wasn’t pregnant we would have walked all the way back again but seeing as it was early I didn’t want to tire myself out completely before midday!

The irony of all the runners passing by was not lost on us whilst we mooched across to stuff our faces #wewin
Brooklyn Bridge

♥ The vanilla cream donut from Dunwell Doughnuts *sigh* why can’t we get doughnuts like this here? AND a vintage styled shop, I would so be there every weekend if this was round the corner from me.

Dun-Well Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

Champs, another spot I would be at regularly if only it was serveral hundred miles closer.

Get scrambled – tofu scramble served with toast and salad + potatoes, soysage, spinach
and a side of cheesey broccoli.

♥ The Empire State Building at night. It was pretty awesome during the day too 🙂

♥ The only non food related place that we consicously decided to visit was the 9/11 Memorial. Two enormous water features have been placed in the locations of the original towers. There was a profound sense of sadness, understandable really for a place where something so terrible happened, and yet it also felt so peaceful. Although it is free to get in you do have to reserve a time slot for your visit.

♥ Who knows why we thought it would be a good idea to buy a tub of So Delicious ice cream on a 3 day trip to New York where we were eating out ALL day, needless to say we managed to have about a scoop each. I hope the cleaner enjoyed it, that was some damn fine ice cream.

So Delicious turtle trails (caramel sauce and chocolate-coated praline pecans)

♥ Cat in a shoe box, need I say more..?

Moo Shoes‘ resident cat

The Cinnamon Snail, or as we lovingly named it Snail Trail, a vegan food truck. You have to follow them on Twitter to find out where there are going to be, but it’s worth the hunt and makes it more fun. We wished we could have visited them more than once but we just didn’t have the time.

Provencal White Wine Tofu Baguette: White wine grilled tofu, truffled cashew cheese, kalamata olive tapenade, caramelized onions, and arugula on grilled baguette

♥ Of course, the shopping was amazing.

You can see more photos of what we saw and ate here.

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