Ceviche, Soho

9th December 2012

Ceviche is a Peruvian restuarant selling tapas style dishes, apparently there is a Peruvian craze sweeping the ‘foodie/restaurant world’ and I certainly don’t like to miss out on some craze.

Of course I emailed beforehand to check if there was anything vegan, and of course I forgot to actually have the email with me when we went.

We do have a few dishes which will be suitable for you.

We have a few nibbles like olives and salty peruvian corn.

We have an artichoke ceviche as well as quinoa and tomato salads that would suit.

For our hot dishes I have a Chifa style vegetable and pasta dish as well.’

The place was full but we managed to get seats at the bar which was actually preferable as you could watch the chefs preparing the dishes.

Then there was the misunderstanding. Although very clearly explaining we were vegan the waitress suggested a dish which was not vegan and then got narky with us because we refused to eat it. Thankfully the chef very graciously and more then happily offered to make us a fresh version of the potato cake sans mayonnaise (yes waitress mayonnaise has eggs in it).

Causa Santa Rosa: beetroot salad on a corinader smooth cool Peruvian potato cake £5

The following dishes were all delicious and pretty, cassava wedges lightly seasoned,  noodles (I am not even sure if they eat noodles in Peru, but once the old vegan paranoia had been sparked we did wonder if these had egg in, although they had confirmed them as vegan on email) and the dish that gave me a revelation – artichoke marinated in tiger’s milk. Apart from the name which I love, I would have drunk this lime and chilli concotion would it not have made me look like someone suffering from a craze. The artichoke was laden with a generous amount which we then proceeded to use as a sauce for everything else.

Yucas: Fried cassava £3
Vegetable Tallarin Saltado: Wok cooked seasonal vegetables and noodles in Chifa saltado sauce £6
Ceviche de Alcachofa: Ceviche of artichoke hearts in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk with red onions, limo chilli and coriander £6

We should really have tried the (it originarming from Peru and all) but really the four dishes between us instead of the recommended 3-4 each was adequate.

They also have a section of soft drinks with interesting ingredients like purple maize, maca and guanabana.

If there was a bigger selection of vegan dishes I would go back, if not for the tiger’s milk alone.

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