L♥ve: Christmas Edition

25th December 2012

A few of the festive things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Decorating Christmas gingerbread cookies.

♥ Christmassy party nails.

♥ Christmas dinner warm ups. Although the highlight of a recent trip to Mildreds were the starters and not the Christmas special wellington. And over at the Manna sticky toffee pudding. This year my mother in law has made me a homity pie for which I’m really looking forward too.

Mildreds: Gyoza dumplings with mirin and soy dipping sauce
Mildreds: Chargrilled roman style artichoke crostini with lemon aioli

Mildred's on Urbanspoon

Manna: Sticky toffee pudding

Manna on Urbanspoon

♥ DIY advent calender. I orginally bought this for the Lil Man last year, but since he has two ready made advent calendars (!) I thought maybe I deserved one this year too. Behind each door is a space big enough to hide treats from Boojoa Booja, Hipo Hyfryd, Montezuma and some Raw Health blissed chocada truffles to offset them all. 🙂

♥ Mulled wine, non alcoholic of course. Recipe here.

♥ A trip to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for the Lil Man’s 4th birthday.

♥ My work’s team Christmas lunch at The Medieval Banquet. Where I dressed as pregnant ‘maiden’ and was pleasantly surprised by the food (in particular the parsnip soup and Christmas pudding which I didn’t think I even liked!).

Medieval Banquet on Urbanspoon

♥ Christmas birthday cake. I made my own birthday cake this year a Black Forest gateau. The whipped cream I picked up from Kosher Kingdom to ice it is seriously delicious.

♥ Merry Christmas everyone! ♥











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2 thoughts on “L♥ve: Christmas Edition”

  • A pregnant maiden? You look more like Henry VIII to me! 🙂

    What do you reckon the herb is in the aioli? Really enjoyed it at Mildreds the other week – want the recipe!

    • My stomach is almost as big as his at the moment!

      I have no idea, I was too busy scarfing it down to contemplate individual components 😀

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