A Swedish Christmas

5th January 2013

Having done the traditional British Christmas dinner for Sash last year, this year I got a severe bee in my bonnet about going all Scandinavian.

A smorgasbord is a buffet style meal popular in Sweden. Of course like most things at Christmas it gets blinged up and thus becomes a julbord (combo of yule and bord). There, if nothing else I have given you a lesson in Swedish cuisine!

Smorgasbords happen to be heavy on the meat, fish and dairy which probably explains why not a lot will come up if you try googling for an authentic ‘vegan smorgasbord’. If you don’t know by now I laugh in the face of non-vegan recipes and simply wave my veganising wand at them.

For several recipes I did just that, for everything else I just bought it, yes my friends a vegan smorgasbord is also at your finger tips too!

So next Christmas (or anytime of year) get involved, here is what my constituted my julbord to inspire you for your own.

First of all there is a wealth of meat substitutes out there, the Christmas ham is usually the centre piece of the julbord, Redwoods kindly released a gammon style roast ham this year which I glazed with a mixture of brown sugar and whole grain mustard and sliced. In fact I like this so much that I will also be doing this with my next purchase. Simply add the glaze during the last 10 minutes of cooking, I also cut the ham in half before cooking and freeze one portion as the whole thing is too much for me to eat by myself.

The Christmas Ham

For something a bit special I ordered a selection of seitan slices from that homemade seitan making machine also known as The Vegan Ronin (buy some here).

Seitan salami & Vegusto sausage
Seitan roast, Fry’s polony & seitan bacon

Fishy items were not so easy, most vegan substitutes will be breaded which is not the norm, I was never able to locate any Redwoods smoked salmon, but did manage to find vegan caviar.

Ikea TÅNGKORN Seaweed topping

I also whipped up 2 easy Swedish salads to go along with meats and cheese:

Salad one was a creamy beetroot concoction veganised from this recipe, I substituted the mayo for Plamil eggless and used a little Alpro plain yoghurt instead of the sour cream.


And a fresh crisp cucumber salad, recipe here.

Inlagd Gurka

It was a good opportunity to try lots of new products and even better all at the same time! And if like me, you love the versatility of tapas/meze style meals then make it a New Year’s resolution to give it a go. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could give the infamous sandwich cake a go, one day one of these WILL be gracing my table.

The Vegan Swedes SmörgåsTårta




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